14 Old Drawer Upcycling/Repurposing Projects

March 31, 2021


14 Old Drawer Upcycling/Repurposing Projects

Photo collage of old drawers
Old drawers are not that plentiful in my small town.  We don't have a ReStore or salvage type store.   I find them at consignment and thrift shops mostly, and not often.

Here are 14 of my favorite drawer projects.

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Photo of black stenciled drawer shelf
This drawer shelf has a board added to extend the shelf display area.  It's actually an upcycle of a old repurpose drawer project!

Photo of gray drawer filled with fall florals
This upcycled drawer has crock number stencils around on three sides.

Photo of painted & stenciled drawer & box
This little Christmas drawer was painted black and stenciled with Christmas shipping stencils.

Photo of a checked farm drawer vignette
I created a farmhouse drawer front coat hooks, and repurposed the rest of the drawer as farm fresh, checked  display container.

Photo of white drawer stenciled with blue flowers
I love this white drawer with blue Stick and Style Stencil flowers on four sides.

Photo of small drawer with succulent pails
This little rustic drawer was upcycled with shipping crate  stencils and filled with succulent buckets.

Photo of upcycled metal and wood garage drawers
I have three of these garden stenciled metal and wood drawersall different.  They were grubby garage nail or screw drawers.

Photo of drawer upcycled as a spring tote
This thrifted drawer spring tote was upcycled from a thrift shop Christmas box.

Photo of a file drawer with wooden legs
This metal file drawer upcycle has fun added legs!

Photo of drawer used as container vignette on a table
This drawer houseplant tray sits in the center of my dining room table.

Photo of upcycled sewing machine drawers in frame
This sewing machine drawer houseplant holder held real plants in the summer on my covered patio.

Photo of upcycled drawer with lavender and an image transfer top
This was a primitive country drawer that received a French makeover makeover with a Mod Podge image transfer.

Photo of a pedestal drawer planter
This drawer pedestal plant stand still stands by the fireplace in my living room.  Now, it has a spider plant inside, instead of a prayer plant.

Photo of a drawer shelf
This is the first version of my extended drawer shelf idea, that was later painted black.

I hope you inspired!  Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. That's a prayer plant in your drawer, not a spider plant. It folds it's "hands" at night like it is praying. Just thought you would like to know. Love your blog!!!

    1. Thanks Donna! I wasn't very clear on that. That's a photo from a few years ago when it had a prayer plant. Now I have a spider plant in it.


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