Ornate Garage Sale Coffee Table Upcycle

September 13, 2020

I purchased this little oval coffee table for $5 at a garage sale last summer.

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I had first planned to paint the whole table and either stencil it or add a transfer.  My husband thought I should not paint the top since it had inlaid flowers in the center and interesting veneer.

The table was in pretty good shape but had some water spots. I applied an area of natural colored stain to see if it would cover the water spots.  It didn't.

My husband then offered to sand the top down to remove the water spots and any remaining stain.

The top was beautiful after sanding.  I chose not to stain it.  

I brushed a couple of coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in Caviar on the legs and apron of the table.

I applied two coats of Dixie Belle Gator Hide  (tough water based poly) to the table top using Dixie Belle Blue Sponge Applicator.

More information on the sponge applicator can be found HERE.

Ornate Garage Sale Coffee Table Upcycle
I think the table takes on more of a traditional style, rather than farmhouse, with the wood stained top.

Ornate Garage Sale Coffee Table Upcycle
I waxed the legs and table apron with Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax (Black) 

Ornate Garage Sale Coffee Table Upcycle
Well what do you think?  Painted or stained?

Ornate Garage Sale Coffee Table Upcycle
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  1. Lovely restoration. I kind of agree with your husband. Look how lovely the top turned out....nice inlay and yes, interesting veneer. Nice job (as usual).

  2. What a gorgeous piece! And I love how you just enhanced it with that decadent black base, because you are right, that top was so beautiful as-is!


  3. I'm so pleased that you didn't paint the top of that table! And the Black part makes it look like a Cast Iron base. Nice job!

  4. Painted or Stained? I think you made the right decision. It is going to get more compliments with the wood grain and inlaid flower details exposed than if the table was painted. Painted furniture will be going out of vogue sometime soon, but this table will be in vogue.

  5. Beautiful table! I am happy you kept that beautiful top.

  6. Beautiful! I, too, like that you left the top as is, so to speak! And the bottom does remind me of cast iron with that black caviar color...just very unique and I'm sure you will get a lot of compliments, just like you have here!!!


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