Up-cycling An Ear-less Goodwill Pig Watering Can

January 09, 2020
 In a recent blog post, I shared my thrift shop finds from November.

This Smith & Hawkins copper pig watering can was one of my finds.  I purchased it on Black Friday at a Goodwill in the Twin Cities, so I paid $3 (50% off) for the pig. It still had the tags on it.  I think it was from Target.

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 When I bought it, and when I shared it,  I hadn't noticed that the pig had no ears.

I think the ears were made from a resin and were broken off.

I found this photo of a Smith and Hawkins pig watering can on the internet.

First I painted the copper watering can with two coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint CAVIAR.

I very, very lightly damp sanded the paint with a paper towel, mostly around the edges.  My paint was fresh and not cured, and it came off very readily.

Next, I printed the internet photo of the pig watering can from the internet.

I printed the internet photo as an 8" x 10" on my inkjet printer, not checking "fit to page".

The watering can printout was very close actual size, so I cut out the ear, and traced it onto the back of a scrap of leather.  I flipped my pattern over and traced the second ear and cut them out.

Up-cycling An Ear-less Goodwill Pig Watering Can #Upcycle #Goodwill #farmhousestyle #pig #wateringcan
I waxed the watering can with Dixie Belle Big Mama's Butta.

I ran a bead of hot glue along the top of each leather ear and positioned them on the pig's head.

Up-cycling An Ear-less Goodwill Pig Watering Can #Upcycle #Goodwill #farmhousestyle #pig #wateringcan
Even though I'm not a big fan of copper, I hadn't planned on painting the watering can until I noticed the ears were missing.

Up-cycling An Ear-less Goodwill Pig Watering Can #Upcycle #Goodwill #farmhousestyle #pig #wateringcan
I also won't be using the the pig as a watering can, I have a plastic one I use for this task.

This pig will be just for decor purposes!

Up-cycling An Ear-less Goodwill Pig Watering Can #Upcycle #Goodwill #farmhousestyle #pig #wateringcan
I stuck some faux greenery in the water filling hole.

Up-cycling An Ear-less Goodwill Pig Watering Can #Upcycle #Goodwill #farmhousestyle #pig #wateringcan

Up-cycling An Ear-less Goodwill Pig Watering Can #Upcycle #Goodwill #farmhousestyle #pig #wateringcan
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  1. Oh, Carlene. For once I must disagree with you. I am a big fan of copper and I liked Mr. Piggy better in his copper suit. You did a good job with the ears. You probably could have cut some metal ones from a soda can also - that's pretty thin aluminum. I admire your persistency in refurbishing all the finds you come across. I'll keep on watching!

  2. Thanks for giving that piggy some much needed ears, made all the difference in the world.... I love your imagination to make things so much better than when you found them. Keep up the great ideas!!!!

  3. Mr.Pig is so cute! Great idea with 'new' ears!


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