From Thrift Shop Pastry Cloth To Valentine's Day Decor

January 11, 2020
 I picked up this "brand new" pastry cloth and rolling pin cover at the thrift shop a few days ago.

I had an idea to turn this purchase into Valentine's Day decor.

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Back in November, on Black Friday, I picked up this paper package of 14 stencils in the Twin Cities at a Joann Fabrics store.   The package is also available online HERE.

I liked the garden stencils in this package.

 After ironing the folds out of the pastry cloth, I stuck cardboard in between the folded layers, and taped the above stencil onto the fabric with blue painter's tape.

One problem with cheaper stencils is that the bridges are always too obvious.  

My method to fill in the bridges (gaps) is to place small bits of blue painter's tape around the gap and stencil it in with a very fine stencil brush.  The blue arrow is an example of an open bridge, and the red arrow shows the taped off bridge.  

From Thrift Shop Pastry Cloth To Valentine's Day Decor #stencil #fusionmineralpaint #joannfabrics #Valentinesdecor #signs #clothsigns
I also painted an old wooden clothes hanger with Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red, and hung my folded pasty cloth sign on it with clothespins.

This closeup also shows the bridges on the "O" all filled in.

From Thrift Shop Pastry Cloth To Valentine's Day Decor #stencil #fusionmineralpaint #joannfabrics #Valentinesdecor #signs #clothsigns
I like more generic Valentine's Day decor.  More love related, and less Be Mine, XOXO, etc.

From Thrift Shop Pastry Cloth To Valentine's Day Decor #stencil #fusionmineralpaint #joannfabrics #Valentinesdecor #signs #clothsigns
Love related decor can be used for a longer season than just Valentine's Day.

From Thrift Shop Pastry Cloth To Valentine's Day Decor #stencil #fusionmineralpaint #joannfabrics #Valentinesdecor #signs #clothsigns
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  1. Carlene, this is just darling - and would be a cute gift/wall hanging for my Darling! You're so clever. Just love the red hanger!

  2. The font on the cloth is very nice, your aesthetic is very good, and it seems to me to be a very creative Valentine's Day gift. I'll try to make one and see how it works. Thank you.


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