Garage Sale Wall Cabinet Upcycle With Milk Paint & Stencils

April 17, 2019
I purchased this rustic wooden wall cabinet at a garage sale last spring.

I paid $5 for it.

Even though it looks old, it's not.  

It's marked on the bottom 1995 and Jack Morten, Shawnee, PA.

(When you click on the bold Amazon, Old Sign Stencils or Dixie Belle Paint Company affiliate links you will be taken to the products I use for this project. If you order it does not change the price or service at all. As an Amazon Affiliate, Old Sign Stencils Affiliate or Dixie Belle Paint Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

This project was a FIRST for Organized Clutter!

This was the first time I tried milk paint.   My paint is Homestead House Milk Paint in Fort York Red.

  Since I was inspired to try milk paint after reading the Q is for Quandie blog, I read through several posts for instructions and tips.

Linda's blog actually had a milk paint tips WEEK:
Milk Paint Basics
Milk Paint Topcoats
Milk Paint Chalkboards
Milk Paint Advanced Techniques
Milk Paint Magic

So after reading all of the above, I felt ready to try MILK PAINT.

I mixed half water and half paint in a glass jar.  (Linda used a jar for her blue paint in the tutorial.)  

I didn't shake it.  I stirred and let the powder dissolve, and stirred some more.  

I had some air bubbles in paint I had brushed on.

I continued to brush until they were gone.  I think the bubbles are from stirring.  I think they may be worse if you shook the jar.

About here, I was expecting to see some chippy paint, but that never happened.

I guess sometimes you get chipping and sometimes you don't.  The paint was easy to apply. 

I started distressing the cabinet with sandpaper, somewhat heavily, as the red was so bright.

I stenciled the rooster, farm blend, and 1932 with Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint Drop ClothFor grain, I chose Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in CAVIAR

*Old Sign Stencils provided me with complimentary samples.
All opinions about these fabulous stencils are my own.

 I very lightly sanded the stenciling, and then applied Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Clear with a wax brush.

To further tone down the paint a bit, I then waxed very lightly with Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Black.

I wiped it down with one of my fiber rags.

Now it's all done!

What do you think?

Once you get the milk paint mixed, it's very easy to apply, and very easy to distress.  The finish is ultra smooth.

I was kind of bummed that the paint didn't chip, but I will keep trying!

Have you tried milk paint yet?

I found many more great items at the same garage sale!  See the makeovers from that sale so far HERE.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I haven't used milk paint yet. I like chalk paint very much. Your red paint reminds me of fire hydrant red. I think I'd like it better in a off white or light green. Just sayin'......................

    1. Yes this red is bright, ever after distressing and black wax!

  2. I have tried Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint - some pieces chipped and some did not. I like it, but I had trouble with it keeping a consistent color and mixing. I'm sure I did it wrong!! This looks great - love how you know just where to use the right stencils! Wish I was that talented :)

  3. What a cute little cabinet, it turned out very cute! I haven't tried Milk paint yet but have been wanting to give it a try. Too bad you didn't get the chippy look, but it still turned out really pretty with the distressing and the dark wax.

  4. Super adorable Carlene! I had the same thing happen with no chipping... I believe that is because our paint stuck too well. If you add a resist first like wax or oil, it'll flake off. I need to try again too!

  5. Carlene I love this one, the red and the chicken stencil is perfect! This was a great thrift find!


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