Garage Sale Makeovers

March 16, 2019

I can't wait until the garage sale season starts!  In northern Minnesota, it starts about May 1st.  Before May 1st, it's pretty cold shopping in a garage in the early morning.

I made a pretty good haul at the first garage sale of 2018.

This little high chair was one of my purchases.  I can't remember if it was $2 or $5 but it was cheap.

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The seat was missing on the high chair and a few screws but the detailing was just awesome.

Just look at the carving on the top back!

I still haven't upcycled this piece.  I think it's partly because it needs repairs.

This vintage oak chair was $4.

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #farmhouse
This is the oak chair after the makeover!

All the details on this upcycle can be found HERE.

I also purchased these primitive country plates/platters.  

They are still in my shed awaiting their turn.

I just picked up the jar and scoop for display in my home.  

The scoop is marked A & J, and has a green Bakelite handle.  I am sure the jar is old but not sure of the maker.  (If you are familiar with this jar, leave me a comment with info.)

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #farmhouse
The jar found a home on this spice rack.

I painted the spice rack and added chicken wire HERE.

I also picked up this little primitive country style wooden bowl with potpourri. 

Still in the shed awaiting a makeover.

I snatched up this little primitive country style wooden box with handle too.

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #farmhouse
This is the little primitive box after the makeover, HERE.

I love this little wooden cabinet.  I haven't had an inspiration for this piece yet!

This wooden stool is missing some spindles but I can see a farmhouse makeover in its future.

It has been stabilized with wire!  

I think the wire adds to it's charm.

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #farmhouse
Here is the stool after its makeover, HERE.

I picked up this deacon's bench for $5.

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #farmhouse
The deacon's bench moved to my daughter's home after the makeover, HERE.

This sign is made from MDF but I loved it's unusual shape.

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #gardenjunk
The sign also got buffalo checked, HERE.

This was a metal outdoor planter box that I bought at the sale.

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #gardenjunk
The planter was upcycled and got a place of honor here on my peacock settee.

Garage Sale Makeovers #upcycle #stencil #vintage #repurpose #gardenjunk #farmhouse
What have you up-cycled from a garage sale lately?
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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