Late June and Early July Thrift Shop/Garage Sale Purchases

I absolutely need to get busy with projects here!  I have dragged home more stuff.  

I thought this was a cool birdhouse.  I paid $10 for it at a local animal charity rummage sale. I think after it's cleaned up and painted, it will be a great decor piece.

See what else I purchased recently.

I purchased this vintage Bacardi wicker bottle at a Servants of Shelter sale.  Nothing was priced, it was among my stash for $10.

It also needs a good cleaning.  Not sure if I will keep it or re-sell it.

 I like these demilune style tables.  I paid $4 at the thrift shop.

Paint and stencils will transform this into a tiny beauty.

 I purchased this small file drawer at a garage sale for $2.  

I may transform it into a flower planter.  Not sure yet.

 $2 at a garage sale for the empty frame and the artwork in the ornate frame.

I always purchase inexpensive frames, especially if they have some detail.

 Two white distressed hanging baskets, $2 for the pair.

I could add faux plants, mail, faux Christmas greenery.  Even live plants outside.  

 Three very cheap cutting boards.

One of my passions!

 Estate sale ornate metal candle holders. 

I think they were Christmas themed, but imagine them painted!  $2.

 It's a real McCoy quilted planter for $1.

Even with Ohio pottery values declining, this is a steal!

 Also from the estate sale, a $3 stool.

 $1.99 at the Bemidji Goodwill.

This wooden Minnesota plaque will make a great state pride project.

 I love it when I buy back stuff I used to have.

I'm sure I had these enamelware style country craft plaques back in the day.  I think they need to be be painted and stenciled!

 Garage sale tray, 75 cents.

I like to upcycle trays.

 Garage sale straw hat, $1.

My husband thinks this is ridiculous to have this straw hat hanging here, but I don't.

 How about this find?

A metal horse collar, horse shoe, and lantern that has been wired up for a 12 volt battery.  I guess they used it at a cabin.   

I was thinking flower pot holder for the horse collar, and to display the lantern separately.  We will see!

 I like finding galvanized stuff at rummage sales. 

Even though it's not vintage, it has a tag/label holder in front!  I love that!

I purchased this vintage, antique gold, eagle mirror at the thrift shop for $8.

Even though I love junk, I love vintage, ornate, gold mirrors too.  Perfect in my vintage/traditional living room.

 And this is really craziness!  They were selling plants for $8 a box today at the greenhouse.

I purchased two bigger fountain grasses, celosia cockscombs, sedums, angelonias, and a verbena.

I bought some junk to plant IN at the consignment shop too.  

I will share soon what happened to these late season clearance plants, and of the stuff will eventually get upcycled!

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  1. Wow - such great finds! I can't wait to see what you do with everything, especially the bird cage, and file drawer!


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