Faux Strap Hinge Planters

July 02, 2018
I purchased a pair of faux hinge wall candle sconces at a garage sale last Saturday for $1.

They were a light yellow color and had stippling in some areas with metallic gold paint.

When I saw the screw on the bottom of the faux hinge candle holder, I thought I would have an easy upcycle/repurpose project.

Boy, was I wrong.

The screw had been welded into the base.  Thankfully my husband helped me get them apart.  It wasn't an easy process.

Next I spray painted the faux hinges with two coats of Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint in Classic White .  

After painting, my plan was to screw a metal flower holder to the faux hinge bottom.

I thought about just using a couple of bigger painted tin cans, but opted to use two of these 3" Corrugated Zinc Metal Cylinder Pots/Vases.  I purchased mine at a local flower shop.

It worked better to attach the vase to the back through one of the holes rather than through the bottom.

It kept the corrugated pot tight to the back.

Garage Sale Faux Hinge Candle Sconces to  Flower Pots
I didn't sand the hinge, and I didn't faux distress it with my layering block.  I left pure white, and sealed the chalky paint with three coats of VarathaneOutdoor Spar Urethane Water Based Spray in Satin Finish

Garage Sale Faux Hinge Candle Sconces to  Flower Pots
I hung my faux hinge flower pots on a half barn door leaning against my house.  

I purchased the No Parking sign at a garage sale the weekend before.

Garage Sale Faux Hinge Candle Sconces to  Flower Pots
I added a couple of clearance sale succulents from a local flower shop for $1 each.

They were unmarked.  They may be some kind of sedum? 

I didn't put drainage holes in these pots.  They are well under the eaves and I doubt they will get rain water at all.  I will have to be careful with my watering.  

I plan to bring the pots in the house when summer is over.  They would be equally fun with faux plants on an interior wall.

 ***Update- The strap hinge planters ended up on the wall at my daughter's townhouse!

Garage Sale Faux Hinge Candle Sconces to  Flower Pots
I like the hinge flower pots with the sign.

Garage Sale Faux Hinge Candle Sconces to  Flower Pots
The hinges are really pretty realistic looking.

Garage Sale Faux Hinge Candle Sconces to  Flower Pots

I also worked on a few garden decor items, like these metal plant markers with chalkboard paint top.

I used the "flower" and "hello" stencil from the Momenta Hello Adhesive Stencil Pack to stencil on to the chalkboard area with Ceramcoat White Craft Paint.

I sealed these with the Varathane Water Based Urethane
Spray as well.

Stenciled Metal Chalkboard Plant Markers
Stencils like these can be re-used over and over.

Stenciled Metal Chalkboard Plant Markers
I stuck the flower blossom marker in with an ivy,

Stenciled Metal Chalkboard Plant Markers
And I poked the "hello" marker into this tool box of wax begonias.

I purchased this "keep calm and garden on" metal sign on clearance for $1.

I spray painted the sign part with white Krylon Chalky Paint too.
I picked one of the paper flower stencils from the FolkArt Paper Stencil, 3-Inch Floral Icon Pack for the makeover.

The stencil was a little too long, so I taped the pot at the bottom to be a little shorter, and stenciled the flower with Ceramcoat Black Craft Paint.

I faux distressed the edges of this sign with brown craft paint and the FolkArt Layering Wood Block.

I sealed this project with the water based urethane spray too.

Upcycled Flower Pot Decor With Paint & Stencils
More my style than "keep calm and garden on"!

And finally, I had one more of the mini garden flags from Menards to upcycle.

I made two upcycled garden flags earlier this year HERE.

I chose this boho flower stencil from Hobby Lobby  for the mini garden flag.

It's like a mandala flower.

DIY BOHO Stenciled Garden Mini Flag #stencil #gardendecor #gardenjunk
I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red to stencil the flower on the torn strip of coarse muslin.

"Bloom" was added with the FolkArt Garden Mini Stencil Pack and black Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Paint.

I just folded the fabric over the flag holder and glued it.

I sprayed the flag with the Varathane sealer too.

DIY BOHO Stenciled Garden Mini Flag #stencil #gardendecor #gardenjunk
I use most of my stencils over and over, mix and match them, and use them inside and out!  

DIY Junk Garden Decor #upcycle #repurpose #stencil

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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