Littlefork Minnesota City Wide Rummage Sales 2018

June 03, 2018
Yesterday, I attended the annual Littlefork, Minnesota, citywide garage sales.  Littlefork is a very small, northern Minnesota town in the heart of logging and farming country.

One of my favorite purchases was this antique cream separator.  The handle says "60 Turns A Minute".  I think it might be an Economy Chief Jr.  I paid $10 for it.

This wall coat/hat hanger, with extra large Shaker type pegs and a curvy design, was $1.

This shallow, rustic little plywood crate was 50 cents.

I paid $15 for this old window, but it is in very good vintage condition. 

No broken window panes, and the wood around the glass is not rotten. Great for decorating.

This barn wood table? was $2.

The middle of the table is missing.  Maybe a glass panel used to be in the center?

I got a plastic tub of hinges for $3, including the tub with lid.

There are old rusty hinges, and brand new hinges in the packages!  Great find!

I paid $10 for this vintage Pelouze Postage Scale.

I don't think it was a super great price, but I like the look of it with the blue chippy paint.  It will be fun to display.

This wooden round box with painted wreath on the lid reminds me of a firkin.  It was $1.

I think it will be fun to upcycle.

 This dated country style bread basket/box was also $1.

The basket has a removable ruffled calico liner.

This bread box/basket needs a makeover!

I paid $4 for this Kalalou small whitewash lantern!  

This was a great buy!  The large and small lantern set sells for $169.

This was another fun purchase from the sales!  A bird's eye maple antique full size bed.

I paid $5.

The headboard and footboard are in decent shape but the rails are in rough condition with the veneer severely peeling.

Of course my first thought was to paint it.  

Still thinking about it.

I paid $4 for this trenching shovel with a wooden handle.

This will be a garden junk display piece.

I also hit a great perennial sale in one of the garages.

I like these bright green hen and chicks (Sempervivums).  

I paid $3 for a purple coneflower.

I have a couple of them now, but will add this one to my perennial bed.  Perfect perennial for this area.  Long living and doesn't take over the garden!

I paid $1.50 for a perennial baby's breath.

This is the taller variety.  I have had it in my perennial bed in the past, but it eventually died off.  It's a great filler plant for open spots in the border.

I purchased two border (Asiatic) lilies for $2 each.  I think they will be red.

I have never grown lilies from starters like these, only from bulbs. 

I didn't get this at the Littlefork rummage sales, but recently at a local estate sale.  

It looks like a miniature paper cutter.  I think it might be a photo cutting board, and I think it's vintage.

What have you found lately at garage sales?
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. What GREAT finds Carlene! I love the bread basket lid just as it is hung on the wall. :) love the window and so much more!

  2. Great finds. I like the trenching shovel

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with your finds! Last weekend I found a vintage metal Falls City #69 tackle box for $2.00 and 5 cool homemade cricket containers (3 metal and 2 wood) made with old funnels for lids for $2.00 each. Really cool! Also found some cool wood and metal cigar boxes for $2.00 each.

  4. Wow, you really scored Carlene! I like all of your vintage finds & can't wait to see you working your magic on them! Will you repurpose the bed or use it for its original purpose?

  5. How fun - I love garden junk!! And flowers!! I bought a huge, on feed, chicken feeder for $25 and am in love. I would love to put it in the house with ironstone plates, but not sure I have a spot for something that large. I can always put outside and plant flowers in it too which may happen instead!

  6. Really great finds Carlene. My favorites are the shovel with the wooden handle, the window and the cream separator. You will have fun with all that stuff.


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