Changing Up My Junk Garden Vignettes & Plantings

June 02, 2018
Garden Junk Chair Vignette
 This is a junk garden photo from 2012 featuring my favorite old garden chair.

Part of the charm of this vignette can be attributed to the vintage Perfection heater, but I do love the chair too.

Garden Junk Chair Vignette
 The chair is from my mom's house.  It was painted a dark reddish burgundy, and had a caned seat.  She had distressed the chair with sandpaper.

I replaced the caned seat with a piece of galvanized sheet metal.  It was just screwed on from the top, junky style.

Junk Garden Vignette
The chair appeared somewhere in my junk garden decor every year.

Junk Garden Chair Vignette
Eventually, most of the paint was gone.  The chair needed a new look.

It was time for a chair makeover.

First, I watered down some Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in Linen White about 1/2 water, 1/2 paint.

I did a whitewashing technique with the watered down paint that covered the chair somewhat opaquely in some areas, and heavier in areas, rather than 100% paint coverage.

I then stenciled on a Boho flower from a Hobby Lobby stencil with Ceramcoat black craft paint.

I sealed the Chalked Paint and stencil with two coats of Helmsman Spar Urethane Aerosol in Satin. 

I like the fresh clean look of the white paint.

Junk Garden Chair Vignette #cultivatorwheel #gardenchair #galvanizedflower #shadegarden
I like filling in around my garden pots and plants with pine bark chips.

Junk Garden Chair Vignette #cultivatorwheel #gardenchair #galvanizedflower #shadegarden
I planted my laundry tub with three Silhouette Rose Star double impatiens.

The enamelware pot is planted with three Arroyo Grande Upright Fuchsias.

Junk Garden Chair Vignette #cultivatorwheel #gardenchair #galvanizedflower #shadegarden
This is a shady area with a northern exposure, so impatiens and fuchsias work well.

Junk Garden Chair Vignette #cultivatorwheel #gardenchair #galvanizedflower #shadegarden
My Variegated Solomon's Seal perennial is at the left of this shady spot.

The rusty thing in front of the laundry tub is a rotary hoe cultivator wheel.  I have two now, and I love them for the junk garden.

Unfortunately, my three galvanized flowers from Kalalou are out of stock at Amazon, but you may be able to find them elsewhere.

This is a close up of Variegated Polygonatum 'Variegatum or Solomon's Seal, almost in bloom.

I started these plants with 3 bare roots several years ago.

Junk Garden Chair Vignette #cultivatorwheel #gardenchair #galvanizedflower #shadegarden
To the very far right is my hay rake, with ends welded together to form a flower.  I spray painted it white.

Perennials & Annuals for a Shady Junk Garden Vignette

Old photos of this north facing garden area:
Junk Garden Bicycle Vignette
Here I had a terracotta color bike to match my accent color at that time.

It was planted with a fuchsia, impatiens, and sweat potato vine.

Junk Garden Vignette #shadegarden #containergarden
This shady spot is perfect for double impatiens.  They just thrive here.

Junk Garden Vignette #shadegarden #containergarden
Hostas, Solomon's Seal and Lady's Mantle across the front of the house.

Junk Garden Vignette #shadegarden #containergarden
The old pump was in my mom's garden years ago when I was a kid!

I hope you are enjoying my garden planting ideas!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Postively gorgeous Carlene! Love the vignettes and such a wonderful variety of blooms as well!
    ~ Christina

  2. Beautiful Carlene. Our wild deer would have a feast in your yard. Love all your old accent pieces too. So special. I know you work hard to keep it looking so good.

  3. Just found your site and love all that you are doing. I have tons of junk in my garden and in my house and you have given me so many ideas. Love the new chair makeover.

  4. I love chairs in the garden. My old chair got a paint makeover this year too. I can't wait to display it. Happy gardening!


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