Thrift Shop Enamelware Tissue Holder to Herb Planter

May 02, 2017

I purchased this enamelware tissue holder at the thrift shop last week.  I did a little research to see if it was rare or somewhat valuable before I transformed it.  I didn't find any currently listed on ebay or etsy,  or sold on ebay for any big prices.  Anyway, I didn't plan to put tissues in it.  

I decided to pull out my $2.99 "go to" Hobby Lobby Mandala stencil and use it again!

I taped my stencil in the corner with blue painter's tape and then stenciled with a pretty dry brush with Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Paint in black.  This paint is multi-surface paint that has some weather durability as well.

Tissue Holder Repurposed Herb Planter
I did apply a few coats of Krylon Satin Finishfor extra outdoor protection.

Then I made drainage holes with a hammer and nail.

Tissue Holder Repurposed Herb Planter
I added some potting soil and an English Thyme and Lemon Thyme. 

I picked up this chippy, shabby little stool last week too.

Tissue Holder Repurposed Herb Planter
Perfect for displaying my tissue holder planter!

Tissue Holder Repurposed Herb Planter
It is waaaayyy too early for outdoor flower planting here in northern Minnesota (We don't even have leaves on the trees here yet), and my tissue holder planter will have to be carried in and out for a while.  It will probably spend the summer on my deck. I won't hang it as it may be too heavy with wet soil instead of tissues.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I loved it as a tissue holder! I don't know why, but I am drawn to old-fashioned metal tissue holders. This is one I haven't seen (with the hanger in the back). My wife thinks I'm a little nuts for being drawn to these, but to each their own. Making a planter out of it is really cute. I live in southeastern NC, and we've had (or are having) our spring. The daffodils have come and gone. I hope yours starts soon. Spring flowers are so lovely. Best wishes...Fonda

  2. The tissue holder is from the 1950's. We don't see them very often here in California. There was one listed a few years ago that didn't sell - it was listed for 34.99, but it came with a matching soap dish. I like old-fashioned, well, pretty much everything. hahaha I have some tissue holders myself although mine are cube-shaped as that's the kind of tissue I purchase. Your transformation turned out cute, though!

  3. What a cute idea! You are so clever.....thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what fun ideas you have for all your thrift shop treasures!



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