Thrift Shop Jewelry Mannequin Up-cycle

April 30, 2017
This jewelry mannequin had been in the thrift shop for quite a while.  I really never gave it a second thought until:  

Upcycled Jewelry Mannequin
1. I saw Susan from Homeroad blog post about a jewelry mannequin, and,
2.  The jewelry mannequin in my thrift shop was reduced from $12 to $6. 

My first step was to change up the blue fabric with white stars.  I brushed on Fusion Paint (Champlain).

This is after one coat.  You can see some of the paint soaked in, and I needed a second coat.  
After the fabric dried, I taped the fabric around the neck and the bottom base with blue painter's tape.  I then painted the wood parts with Fusion Paint (Algonquin).  I used two coats of Algonquin as well.  But the painting was done.  With Fusion Mineral Paint there is no need for waxing or sealing.

I thought my new Hobby Lobby Show-Offs Mandala Stencil would look great on the dress form bodice.

Mimi the Upcycled Thrift Shop Jewelry Mannequin
I stenciled on one of the corner designs with a stencil brush and Fusion Paint (Coal Black).  Fusion Mineral Paint also comes in tester pots. I sometimes get the testers for colors that I won't use that much or to try out a new color.

Mimi the Upcycled Thrift Shop Jewelry Mannequin
Meet Mimi!  (just like Mimi, the seamstress, in La Boheme)

The last step was to add a Kraft Paper with Jute Tie - 1.75 x 3 inch stenciled with "Mimi".  I used Momenta Lower Case Letters Adhesive Stencil  with my black Fusion paint.  I had to stencil the letters on one at a time and make them closer together than the adhesive squares allowed to fit them on the tag.  If you don't overlap some the letters are too far apart.

Mimi the Upcycled Thrift Shop Jewelry Mannequin
Well Mimi can sure hold necklaces, but she would also be a fun sewing or craft room accessory too!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Love love love it...on the lookout at my thrift stores...

  2. Awesome transformation!!! Love it.

  3. Beautiful! I will look for one too. Inspired by you!

  4. Great inspiration project! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week.



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