A Junk Garden Path Can Be A Work Of Art

A Whimsical Junk Garden Pathway organizedclutter.net
If you have followed my blog for long, you will recall the whimsical garden paths created by my sister in law, Kris.  Garden path 2016 has a geometric design, with bricks aligned inside rectangular rusty metal industrial frames.  

Antique Dresser Salvage on the Mantel

I have been looking at this dresser mirror salvage piece at Jackson's Icebox Antiques & Collectibles for a couple of years now.  I knew the piece was large, and the only place it would work was on my mantel.  

But I turned 60 last week, and I guess I thought, what am I waiting for if I like it? And I took the plunge and purchased it. 

Garden Inspiration from the Homeroad Blog!

Garden Signs with Spindle Legs & Old Sign Stencils organizedclutter.net
Recently, Susan from the Homeroad blog, had a fun garden sign made with spindle legs.  When I found spindles at a garage sale for $1 last weekend, I quickly stenciled a sign on a weathered red piece of barn wood siding using a stencil from the Old Sign Stencil Extension package.

Junk Garden (Hen and) Chick Starters

My first chick starter project started out with the top part from a Hudson chicken feeder that I purchased for $3.75.

Updated Junk Garden Container Photos

This frame used to hold my "almost" famous framed lobelia.  But this year I gave the frame a whitewashing, and planted an annual baby's breath instead of a lobelia.  Here it is at planting on May 18th.

I Bought a "Thingamajig" for my Junk Garden

When you are a junk gardener you must not only find great annuals and perennials to fill your gardens, you MUST find great junk to plant flowers in and unusual pieces to place in your garden.

Two New Additions to my Junk Garden

The first new addition was this little wooden wheelbarrow that I purchased garage sale-ing for $1.  

More Garden Projects with Funky Junk Interiors' Old Sign Stencils

I purchased this old wooden tool box last week. It had a taped handle.  The tape was almost disintegrated from age, but I pulled it all off, and glued the many cracks with wood glue and used zip ties to hold the handle together until the glue was set.    

A Vintage Kiddie Gym Wooden Swing Plant Holder