A Vintage Kiddie Gym Wooden Swing Plant Holder

June 04, 2016

One of my junk garden purchases this spring was a vintage wooden Kiddie Gym swing.

I drilled drainage holes in the bottom of a small galvanized bucket and one small hole in the center bottom.  This hole slides over a small head nail to anchor the pail to the swing.  I also use this method to anchor pots to a stepladder in my flower border.  If the pots are bigger I use a thicker, larger spike type nail.

I decided to purchase a Proven Winners white Diamond Frost annual for my little pail, and was pleasantly surprised that I got two plants for the price of one.  The plastic starter pot also contained an orange Diascia.

Of course my gardening season is just starting in northern Minnesota, so I will have to show you how these little annuals fill in later on this summer.

I am about 95% done planting flowers.  We have had a lot of rain and cool weather, and I'm a little behind.  More photos to come soon.

 I had to shorten the chains, and simply hung the chains on nails pounded into the deck rail.

 Oh good!  The sun has peeked out this afternoon.

I love fun and unexpected container gardens!

The plant has filled out!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. So darn cute! Great idea for holding pots in place on a step ladder. Mine are always blowing over.

  2. that project is right up my alley...still waiting for your street address!!!! MUAHHHHH

  3. Clever and so cute to use the unexpected for holding potted plants.

  4. I love every single one of your ideas! I'm only a little over an hour from you and I'm behind on my planting as well with the cooler weather and rain. Hope to finish planting in an old wheel barrow and wash tub today if I can still find impatiens...

  5. You are my inspiration! I LOVE your ideas. So helpful and creative. Thank you!

  6. Adorable! Visiting from the Funky Junk party... #pinning

    Kristy from Robb Restyle

  7. Carlene, there you go again, being all garden junk brilliant. I WANT A SWING! This is so adorable!

  8. love this little swing...I have the perfect spot!

  9. Absolutely darling, Carlene~


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