Rustic Garden Wheelbarrow 2015

July 04, 2015
My old wooden, chippy wheelbarrow is my favorite junk garden piece ever!  I purchased it over 15 years ago at a garage sale for $15.  I seal it with clear Thompson's Water Seal to preserve the chippy weathered wood as long as I can.

Here is a close up of the large galvanized laundry tub in the wheelbarrow.

Three of my very favorite annuals are in the tub.  This is an annual pink phlox. I love annual phlox, a very prolific bloomer, but they are becoming more difficult to find at the local greenhouses.

Deadheading annual phlox
To keep the annual phlox in full bloom all summer long, I pinch off these spiky areas where the blooms have fallen off before they can go to seed.

Another of my favorite annuals in the tub are pink and white bicolor and plain white trailing verbena.  Verbena also bloom right through summer here when deadheaded and fertilized.

Deadheading Trailing Verbena
When verbena start to have a lot of dried blossoms around the edges and the blossoms appear kind of "long in the tooth" like this one, I pinch it off below the blossom and let other buds come into bloom.

Annual Trailing Verbena, Nicotiana and Phlox
The last of my favorite annuals in the tub is the star shaped Nicotiana Sensation Mix.  I have red, pink, and lime colored nicotiana in the tub.

Deadheading annual nicotiana
To keep nicotiana blooming all summer long and looking their best, pinch off the old blossom stems that are going to seed.

Other annuals in the tub include two inexpensive pink seed geraniums.

A stained glass coleus in the center of the tub.

Two golden Creeping Jenny are tucked along the front and back edges.

This coleus I think in the Kong Series is planted in a terracotta pot in the milk can.

Rustic Garden Wheelbarrow & Laundry Tub Planter Ideas

Rustic Garden Wheelbarrow & Laundry Tub Planter Ideas

Rustic Garden Wheelbarrow & Laundry Tub Planter Ideas

Rustic Garden Wheelbarrow & Laundry Tub Planter Ideas
With a cool spring here in northern Minnesota, the flowers are a bit behind schedule but my 2015 garden tour is coming in mid July!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Very pretty, Carlene! The wheel barrow had been a great find and filled with all those lovely flowers, it's a real eye-catcher.

  2. Beautiful Carlene... I am not a gardener myself so I am in awe of your gorgeous yard!

  3. The Flowers in the tub look wonderful!


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