From Church Rummage Sale Frame To Farmhouse Biscuit Cutter Display

July 12, 2015

I purchased this wooden, three oval frame at a church rummage sale this spring for 25 cents.

Actually I purchased another similar, three oval frame at the same sale for 25 cents, and almost immediately it became an "EAT" sign with a hook here.  But then I got super busy with flower garden planning and planting, and nothing was done to the second frame.

I also painted the second frame with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

I wet distressed the frame with a terry cloth rag, and waxed it with clear wax.  

I also added 1/2" hex chicken wire to the back of the frame with staples.

I downloaded this oval vintage baking powder graphic from Knick of Time blog.  Angie always has great old advertising graphics!  

Biscuit Cutters Displayed In Rummage Sale Frame
  I tied on two biscuit/cookie cutters to the chicken wire with strips of muslin, and I used a miniature wooden craft clothespin to attach the oval Royal Baking Powder graphic to the center space.

Biscuit Cutters Displayed In Rummage Sale Frame
 If you collect vintage kitchen utensils like I do, it's fun to find interesting ways to display them, and this project is very easy too!

Biscuit Cutters Displayed In Rummage Sale Frame
This Baking Powder graphic is also available at the Knick of Time blog.   I think I may like it better because the lettering is bigger!

Biscuit Cutters Displayed In Rummage Sale Frame

Inexpensive Frame Makeovers
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. How clever is this? Love the chicken wire and the addition of the cookie cutters and graphic.

  2. So cute ....always marvel at your great ideas

  3. What a great idea nice to see things get a new life.
    Have a great week.

  4. When I looked at the before picture I was wondering what in the heck a person could do with that....and you showed me a beautiful after. Love it!

  5. So very cute. I still use mine.

  6. super cute... I'm a sucker for chicken wire!

  7. PDC..... Pretty darn cute, both of them!

  8. Cute idea, Carlene. I used to have my heart cookie cutter collection displayed in my kitchen at a previous home. My husband made an inset shelf display between the studs on one wall. It was a popular display with young children because they could move them around. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing and for hosting. I liked my Mad Tea Party because I have several vintage Alice in Wonderland books on display. Hope that qualifies.

  9. I love the Eat sign! What font did you use for the letters?


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