Vintage Post Office Box Picture Frame

June 24, 2015
I purchased this fun vintage post office box door last month at a local antiques shop, Jackson's Icebox Antiques and Collectibles.  

This is what the back looked like.

My plan was to use the post office box as a picture frame for a vintage family military photo.  This is my Uncle Don in 1958.  He is a member of the Army Airborne.

I scanned the photo first and printed another picture that I could cut to fit the glass in the door.  I also cut out a square of cardboard.

Then I simply taped the photo and cardboard over the glass from the back.

Then my plan was to use a wire plate hanger to hang the door frame on the wall.  It didn't work.  One side of the back stuck out so much further than the other.  So I found an old wood shim and placed it under the plate hanger on the back to even it out.

Vintage Post Office Box Door Framed Military Photo
And it worked!  I think a military photo is perfect with the "US" right above the photo.

I also purchased this rectangular post office door and added a photo.

This door stands as though it has an easel back.

This old photo is of my mom, her sister and two of my grandma's sisters.

Repurposed Junk Photo Gallery Wall
I added the post office box frame to my "re-purposed junk photo gallery wall" that is a work in progress.

Other gallery wall projects here include:  

Repurposed Junk Photo Gallery Wall
More to come!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. It looks perfect there.
    I'm from a long line of of U.S. Postal Workers... so a picture of my Grand- dad would look awesome in that frame! I'm not sure that I have one though. (in uniform I mean)

  2. I love it (especially because my husband is a letter carrier!!!)

  3. It's so unique, then putting the photo inside.. I love old photographs, but I feel they deserve a worthy frame, so I don't have many displayed. I love seeing yours, as it gives me so many ideas and aspirations. Thanks!

  4. Love it! You were so clever to add the piece of wood to make it even across the back. The whole piece is charming and a great addition to your wall of great ideas!

  5. The picture of Don in your madeover frame is really neat!

  6. Your entire gallery is stunning. Each piece is done to perfection. My favorite is the mailbox door for sure. You're so clever!

  7. Hi Carlene, I love that post box door. What a great find! It was a lovely idea to turn it into a wonderful picture holder. It looks beautiful!

  8. Oh Wow Carlene, what a fabulous and creative idea for an old mail box door! I am swooning over your vintage photo collage - beautiful.

  9. Great idea Carlene! It's a perfect addition to your gallery wall.

  10. The post office one is the best!! Your gallery wall is very crafty and wonderful!!


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