Vintage Sewing Drawer Up-cycle with Fusion Mineral Paint

April 20, 2015
I love old sewing machine drawers.  I picked this one up at a consignment shop for $5.

The surface was pretty rough, so I don't feel bad about painting it.  I know the raised areas will look awesome with paint.

Today, I will be using Fusion Paint in the color "Ash".  This is the first time that I will be trying Fusion Mineral Paint.  I received a free trial kit from the company, but all opinions expressed in this post about Fusion Paint are my own.

Ash is a deep gray color.  Here you see the drawer after just one coat.  I didn't sand or prime, and I am getting great coverage with just one coat.  I ended up touching up a few areas where I could see wood through the paint, but for the most part, the paint covered in ONE coat.

Sewing Drawer Painted With Fusion Paint in Ash
After the paint had dried a couple of hours, I took a wet rag and "wet distressed" the drawer along the edges and the raised areas more heavily, and lightly over the whole piece.  As you can see the dark wood is exposed in some areas, and the overall paint color lightened up a bit.

Sewing Drawer Painted With Fusion Paint in Ash
Since I have gray and coral in my bathroom now, I added a few faux potted plants in zinc and candle holder pots to the drawer.  There is no need to add wax or a topcoat to gently used items with Fusion Paint.

Sewing Drawer Painted With Fusion Paint in Ash
This rich gray tone looks great with the exposed dark wood tone.  I will be using Fusion Paint again soon on a larger project!  

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Thanks for sharing this...I like the results...You accomplish soooooooooooooo much in a short time. I've several things to redo when it warms up here. Always open to new ideas, just in this rural area no new things appear quickly...I use online when all else fails. ! Have a fun week.

  2. Very cute! I have one drawer too and am still thinking what I am going to do with it.....I'd like to show it off too.

  3. Love how the drawer turned out. I have one here I may have to try painting.
    Is this paint available at craft supply shops? Thanks for sharing your project.

  4. Beautiful. Carlene...and I love how the hardware looks, too!

  5. lovely. thanks for letting us know about it.
    be blessed


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