Garden Junk Ideas Galore 2014 Round Up

I just never, ever tire of dreaming up junk garden planters or vignettes.  Here are some ideas I used in my 2014 junk gardens!
Pansies in a half barrel vignette on the deck here.

Best of Holiday Junk 2014

Continuing my year end look back at Organized Clutter 2014, here are some of my favorite holiday junk ideas! 
Random Junk Valentine's Day "Love Sign"
A rustic, country thrift shop framed sign and random junk create a Valentine's Day "LOVE" sign here.


My Top Five Garden Junk Projects of 2014

Time to reflect on my favorite garden junk projects from 2014!

Vintage Jello Mold Toadstools for the Garden
Vintage Jello molds, paint, buttons and thrift shop screwdrivers made the cutest little toadstools here.


Christmas in the Foyer

One of the areas that I recently had re-painted was my foyer.  This wall was painted a chocolate brown, and the other foyer and hallway walls were painted in turquoise.  It was just too dark for me, so I have brightened up this area a lot with Sherwin Williams in Dover White.

Shutter Photo Holder & Re-purposed Dresser Mirror Shelf
Remember my dresser mirror frame shelf?  I made it here.  

Salvaged Wood & Jewelry Christmas Tree Ornaments

Brooch & Wood Ornament by
I recently pinned and was inspired by this salvaged brooch and wood ornament  by

I remembered that I had a somewhat dated, framed jewelry tree on blue velvet from my neighbors, so I pulled it out of the garage.


Re-Purposed Drawer Pull Christmas Ornament

This is a metal drawer pull I got from my Junkin' Friend Jodi, probably for free!  
I started the ornament re-purpose by pulling back the ring on the drawer pull and actually bending it just a bit so it would hang straight up and down.


From Kitsch to Rustic in the Laundry Room

Kitschy Laundry Room Decor
When I last shared the laundry room on my blog, it had yellow walls, and in addition to vintage washboards and irons, the standard laundry room fare, I displayed vintage, kitschy collectibles like cookie jars, salt & pepper shakers, etc.  That post is here.  
My laundry room is located right next to my kitchen, and seen daily by family and visitors.


Junky Jingle Bell Re-Purposed Trivet Tree

My latest thrift shop purchase is this brass trivet for $1.


Simple Rustic Snowflake Themed Christmas Tree

This year I have cut back my Christmas decorating budget to almost nothing by using what I already have, and using re-purposed and up-cycled items.  I have a new roof to put on in the spring, and will be putting in hardwood floors.  Excited for the floors, but the roof is a necessity! 


JUNKERS UNITE With An Outdoor Rustic Christmas Vignette

Pails, Milk Cans, Weathered Wood & Christmas Greenery
Welcome!  I'm Carlene, and my blog is called Organized Clutter.  I love to decorate my front door covered patio area each season with salvaged junk.

Today, 14 junkers have united to bring you the best of their Holiday Junk!  I am not the world's best builder, but I love to gather up my rusty and weathered junk, and arrange it in a fun and festive vignette for the Holidays.

Directly to the left of my front doorstep is my rusty spring re-purposed Christmas tree plaque.  If you click the link you will find a tutorial for this project.  (I actually made this project in July, and now finally get to use it in my decor!)

Pails, Milk Cans, Weathered Wood & Christmas Greenery
I placed a vintage aluminum cooler, red crate and white metal star on the step under my spring tree plaque.  Moving further left of my front door is one of my rustic outdoor greenery pails perched atop a very weathered stool that spent the summer months in my flower garden.  A fun red and green wool sock is nailed to the front of the stool.  Instructions for my greenery pails made with spruce tree tops are provided in the link.

Pails, Milk Cans, Weathered Wood & Christmas Greenery
Moving left again I have layered my old buggy wheel and a very crudely made wooden bench. You may recognize these items from my junk garden posts as well.  On top of the bench, I have placed two rusty milk cans with winter scarves with another greenery pail. Three doily snowflakes were added to each greenery pail for extra decoration.

Pails, Milk Cans, Weathered Wood & Christmas Greenery
Finally, my super dilapidated table given to me by my Junkin'  Friend Jodi, holds one last greenery bucket.  The pallet sign nailed to the front of the bench was painted by Jodi. 

Pails, Milk Cans, Weathered Wood & Christmas Greenery 
This vignette will take me right into Christmas and also right on through the Minnesota winter (after the sock and tree plaque are put away of course).

That's my whole junky outdoor vignette in all it's weathered, rusty goodness!

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