Simple Rustic Snowflake Themed Christmas Tree

December 04, 2014
This year I have cut back my Christmas decorating budget to almost nothing by using what I already have, and using re-purposed and up-cycled items.  I have a new roof to put on in the spring, and will be putting in hardwood floors.  Excited for the floors, but the roof is a necessity! 

And this simple snowflake vignette I put together in the kitchen, got me on a snowflake theme.

I purchased a Sandra Lee snowflake ornament from Kmart for $4.99.

Then removed the greenery with a blow dryer.

I painted the wooden ornament with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and then distressed it.  I then glued a metal button in the center.  This snowflake became my treetop.

I also re-used my mini clipboard ornaments I made last year.

This year the clipboards hold vintage snowflake images from the Graphics Fairy.

I also re-used my zinc jar lid snowflake ornaments from last year.

 I also added snowflake doily ornaments I've had forever and a few Christmas balls.

It's not a beautiful little tree, but the decorations work well with my rustic mantel decor.

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Love the snowflake theme. Everything you create is beautiful.

  2. OOO, every thing looks fantastic, Carlene...I use my Christmas decorations over every year. Some from my childhood..from our first tree...things our kids and grands have made...I love doing that.
    xo bj

  3. It looks beautiful Carlene, I love the snowflake theme!


  4. Why didn't you warn me at the beginning that the last picture I would see would be of an ugly tree? I would never have spent the time reading your entry. My point is this: Apparently, you wanted to share how you decorated your home for this winter season. You have spent many hours selecting the items you used. You probably have waded through boxes and boxes and held the items in your hand before deciding which ones to put where. You have taken way more pictures that you would use. You have edited them and came up with a reasonable amount to share. Then, you negate all of your work by telling me at the end that "it's not a beautiful little tree". Why include it then? Why not just show it, and let me make my own decision about it, like I will with the rest of your decor choices? This is harsh, but I have about had it with women apologizing for the choices they make in decorating their homes. I have noticed it way too much this year. Put. It. Out. There. Be. Bold. Don't. Apologize.

    1. Actually, I wasn't going for a beautiful tree. I wanted a rustic, simple tree.


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