The Waterlogue App and Fun in a Junk Garden!

April 02, 2014
Oh my!  Almost everybody in blogland has tried the iphone and ipad Waterlogue app and posted photos.  I am late to the party.   Do you know about the Waterlogue app?  It's fun and definitely worth $2.99.  

I wanted to try some of my favorite garden photos on the app.  

Framed Lobelia
Like my framed heat loving lobelia.  One of my favorites and also a Pinterest favorite.  
(Here is a link to this project.)

Waterlogue Framed Lobelia
Ugh!  I guess I was not pleasantly surprised on this one. The original is much better.  Very washed out.  I tried various Waterlogue types but none were very good.  Not enough blue!  Thank goodness the rest of my photos turned out pretty great.

Front Yard Flower Border
Then there was my border from 2010.  
(Here's a link to my front flower border post.)

Waterlogue Front Yard Flower Border
My 2010 border in watercolor. I like this much better.

A Junky Garden Pathway
This is my sister in law's funky junky garden pathway...
(Take the full junk garden tour here.)
Waterlogue Junky Garden Pathway
And here in Waterlogue.

Stepladder in the Garden
Here is my garden stepladder...
(See the post here.)

Waterlogue Stepladder in the Garden
And in Waterlogue.

Vintage Garden Sign & Vignette
Before Waterlogue...
(See the whole vignette here.)
Waterlogue Vintage Garden Sign & Vignette
And after.

Junk Garden Wall
A junky garden wall...
(More photos here.)

Waterlogue Junk Garden Wall

I love these watercolor prints.  I will be using some of these garden photos soon in one of my upcoming posts.  Watch for them.

Cameras & vintage photos
Here is one of my newest vignettes in my china cabinet.  Cameras...
(Neutral, calm and decluttered china cabinet here.

Waterlogue Cameras & vintage photos
And in Waterlogue.

Outdoor Rustic Christmas Vignette
My junk Christmas outdoor vignette...
(A junky rustic covered patio here.)

Waterlogue Outdoor Rustic Christmas Vignette
In Waterlogue.

Outdoor Rustic Christmas Vignette
Another view of my outdoor Christmas vignette...

Waterlogue Outdoor Rustic Christmas Vignette
Blurring all the lines in Waterlogue!

Fall Cover Patio Vignette
A fall covered patio vignette...
(A rustic fall covered patio here.)

Waterlogue Fall Cover Patio Vignette
This is so fun!

Fall Harvest Mum Chair
One harvest mum chair...
(An early fall potting bench here.)

Waterlogue Fall Harvest Mum Chair
Again, it's only $2.99 at the itunes store, AND you can print your pics!  

Have fun!

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  1. wow, that's a very cool ap....too bad I don't have an iphone. I love the photos and the framed flowers, I hope to try that.

  2. I got this app last week and have been playing with it. Love the effects that you can get with it.

  3. The pictures turned out great.
    Have a lovely week.

  4. Oh I see a new addiction forming LOL - but they're gorgeous pics !!!


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