An "Industrial" Look In the Kitchen With Aluminum and Tin

I have a pretty extensive collection of vintage aluminum and tin kitchen items, including funnels, sifters, cookie cutters, biscuit cutters, Jello molds, etc.  

I think that aluminum and tin kitchen utensils have an industrial feel, especially with a little aged wood and burlap.

An Industrial Look Kitchen with Tin and Aluminum Utensils
For example, here is a small wood crate with a couple of old sifters and some stacked funnels.


Holiday Decorating 2013 Recap Part 1: Valentine's Day - 4th of July

I think I hit most of the holidays with either decorating or crafting or both!   Here is a quick recap of the first half of 2013:

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Mantel


A Book of Facts About the WAC (Women's Army Corps Booklet 1944)

While my blog is usually about crafts, decorating, junking, re-purposing and flower gardening, I do post about of nostalgia too.  After all I am a baby boomer and vintage collector too.

I recently came across this little Women's Army Corps Booklet from 1944.  It is in excellent condition.  I enjoyed paging through it, and I thought maybe you would too.  


My Top Five Vintage Finds of 2013

Without a doubt my top four finds from 2013 were items I found for my junk gardens!  

1.  What Have I Bought Lately?  (posted June 3, 2013)
My Top Five Vintage Finds of 2013
I bought this awesome barn door from a local antique/consignment shop owner for $30.  Worth every penny and more.


My Top 5 Junk Garden Posts of 2013

We had a great Christmas here!  One of the best ones ever!  I hope you all did too.

Time to start reflecting on some of my top posts for 2013 at Organized Clutter.

All five of these top junk garden posts are not only in my top ten list of popular posts for 2013 but my top ten posts ever!

1.  My Garden Junk Clipboard Has Grown (posted April 7, 2013)  
My Top Five Garden Junk Posts of 2013
Back in November 2012, my Hometalk Garden Junk clipboard had only 81 followers and 211 likes.  


Vintage Christmas House Tour 2013

Keeping it a little real on this Christmas tour, you will see my home as seen by my Christmas guests.  The dogs' blanket on the chair, and our televisions and television remotes, and a bit of every day life will be visible.

A Vintage Christmas Tour 2013
This is my junky, rustic front door vignette.


More Christmas Vignettes 2013

I am hoping to get my Christmas tour 2013 posted Sunday or Monday.  Yes, I am running behind schedule!  

Besides being a vintage lover and a junker, I'm a little bit country.  Here are some of my country Christmas vignettes.
These vignettes are all in my family room/den:
Rustic Christmas Vignettes
Jars of buttons, vintage Christmas ornaments, candy, and marbles, and a vintage look Santa in an old crate.


My Re-Purposed Ornaments & The Tale Of A Christmas Tree in a Crock

On November 3, 2013,  I made and posted my first re-purposed Christmas tree ornaments.

Re-purposed Christmas Tree Ornaments & a Small Tree in a Crock

The ornaments were met with a good response on Pinterest and on my blog, so I decided then to continue to find cheap items to re-purpose  at the thrift shops, and start a blog series.  I also challenged myself to decorate an entire Christmas tree with re-purposed ornaments.


Rustic Christmas Vignettes in the Den

In October, I posted a new junk gallery wall in my den, above my sofa.

Junk Gallery Wall
If you want to see the closeups and the entire wall, click here.


The Nativity & A Stacked Bible Christmas Tree

I have a Home Interiors' Nativity set from the early 1980's.  I love the white bisque figurines against the rustic stable that I have had about that long too.

I almost always display my small Bible collection in a "Stack" on top of my china cabinet.  Today, I stacked the Bibles in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Stacked Bible Christmas Tree & the Nativity Set


My Vintage Toys On the Christmas Mantel 2013

I actually started this mantel several weeks ago but never finished it until today.

Vintage Toys Christmas Mantel
The theme for this year is vintage toys, mostly from the 1960's.  Let's take a closer look.


Creating a Vintage Style Christmas and a Linky Party!

Welcome to Creating Christmas!  

I am starting the party off today with my collection of vintage Christmas figurines!  
Vintage Christmas Angels & Figurines
This grouping is situated on top of my vintage washstand along with an old vanity mirror, a vintage Christmas tea towel, a mismatched snow village, and a couple of ceramic trees, one with a tea light at the rear.

Rustic Funnel Christmas Trees

I have been picking up funnels since last Christmas!  I love them in the garden!  I love them in vignettes! I just LOVE THEM!

And I especially love them as Christmas trees!

Rustic Funnel Christmas Trees
This one from last Christmas was made with a wooden candlestick and four funnels.  A glittered star is poked in the hole on top.  The bottom funnel is actually a canning jar funnel.  Just stack them up.  Sometimes I have to bend them just a bit to make the trees more stable.

 I used two of the white candlesticks and these candlesticks that I purchased for a dollar a piece at the thrift shop.


A Junky, Rustic Christmas/Winter Covered Patio

Today I am participating in a huge Christmas junkfest with 14 bloggers from Junkers United and the Twelve Days of Christmas Party.  The project I have chosen to include in the party is my covered patio vignettes, between my front door and the attached garage.

After you have viewed my post, please continue down to the links to other party participants and the linky party!  Happy Junking!

Junky, Rustic Winter Covered Patio Vignette


Hose Nozzle and Other Alternative Christmas Trees

I recently found 3 older brass hose nozzles.  All three at once.  An instant collection.

Hose Nozzle Christmas Trees
They are not exactly shaped like a Christmas tree but I think you get the idea.  I stained a small square of wood and pounded in three large nails.  The hose nozzles balance on the nails.  You could stick a little piece of fun tack or double sided tape to make them more stable if they are wiggly.  Then I wrapped one nozzle with jute and another with wire and bells.  All three have flat metal stars stuck into the nozzle tip hole.