Hose Nozzle and Other Alternative Christmas Trees

December 01, 2013
I recently found 3 older brass hose nozzles.  All three at once.  An instant collection.

Hose Nozzle Christmas Trees www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
They are not exactly shaped like a Christmas tree but I think you get the idea.  I stained a small square of wood and pounded in three large nails.  The hose nozzles balance on the nails.  You could stick a little piece of fun tack or double sided tape to make them more stable if they are wiggly.  Then I wrapped one nozzle with jute and another with wire and bells.  All three have flat metal stars stuck into the nozzle tip hole.

Hose Nozzle Christmas Trees www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
Junky little hose nozzle Christmas trees.

Hose Nozzle Christmas Trees www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com

Berry Sieve Spool Christmas Tree www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
Here another easy alternative Christmas tree.  A vintage berry sieve on top of an old spool.  I have decorated it with vintage ornaments and a star.

Grubby Button Trees www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
Grubby button trees from last week.  Make them here.

Grubby Button Trees & Berry Sieve Christmas Tree www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
Here is my berry sieve tree on a kitchen shelf with my grubby button alternative trees.  

Are you a fan of alternative trees?

Funnel Christmas Tree www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
This funnel tree from last Christmas is my favorite.  Do you remember it?

Tomorrow is a great Christmas junking event!!!!!! Don't miss it.  Fourteen bloggers, two parties!

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  1. I love the thing that Grandma used to make tomato ketchup with! Very cute use of these items!
    Linking a post in draft to your Vintage Cmas party! Will come join you soon!

  2. The sieve is pretty cute. I guess you never run out of ides. I just decorated an enormous vintage toolbox and really that is it for me. I shall leave all this thinking to you:}

  3. Love the sieve. You can look at something so differently and turn it into something precious. That is if junk is precious....it is to us, right.

  4. Love all your trees...so cute!! I just recently got a funnel tree at a craft show and I love it.

  5. I love your berry sieve tree Carlene, and the funnel tree from last year is one of my favourite junk trees that I've ever seen. I am a huge fan of alternative trees. So much fun!!

  6. Look at you go with all of your cute decorating! I'm just starting to think about it! I'm a little behind this year. Love the garden hose trees!

  7. I love your creative trees! The button one's really caught my eye!

  8. Carlene, one question for you, does your brain every get a rest??? It never seems to stop with your creativity!!! Love these.


  9. I love all your alternative Christmas trees- you are so creative! I made one from chicken wire, but I like yours much better, especially the sieve tree. Genius!

  10. I <3 your sieve tree and button trees!!!! Pinned:) Merry Christmas


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