Changes to my Fall Potting Bench

If you missed my early fall potting bench decorated with mums, you can view it here.

The mums that were available in my isolated northern Minnesota locale were already pretty advanced in early September, but I bought them anyway.  Some years the temps get too cold to even bring them into full bloom by late September.

For today's new arrangement, I went rustic with a couple of old kerosene lanterns that I just purchased for $2 and $3 at a local antique shop yesterday.  The glass was missing, but I can still use them for display.

Vintage Rustic Fall Lanterns
 I like them with a little Spanish Moss and small pumpkins. Rust and orange make a good combination!


Looking for Vintage Treasures

I think I have mentioned a lot on my blog that I visit thrift shops, and consignment/antique shops on my lunch hour every day that I work.

This week I found the following:

Vintage gesso frame


A Vintage Potato Masher Fall Wire Cloche Vignette

I purchased an old potato masher for $4 this week at an antique shop.

Vintage Potato Masher
What I liked about the masher was its square shape and four wire style, sort of like a "wire cloche".


A Versatile $3 Thrift Shop Decor Purchase

Last October I picked up a wire basket with two zinc pots at a consignment shop for $3.  It had a couple tired looking faux flowers glue into the bottoms with styrofoam.

Zinc Pots Are Versatile Decorating Accessories
After a lot of heating the glue with a hair dryer and trying pinterest hints to remove glue, I finally accepted the fact that all the glue and styrofoam would never, ever come out.  But no matter, I have used the little zinc pots over and over and over!  They have become one of my go to decorating accessories.


More Rustic Autumn Vignettes

On one of my first thrifting trips after Christmas, this vintage wooden bowl wheelbarrow was one of my finds.

Vintage Wooden Bowl Wheelbarrow
I paid $2 for it, and it was marked Woodcroftery.  That post was here.


From Funnels to Candy Corn

Funnels are one of my new collections.  

Yesterday I found this little white enamel ware funnel for $7.  It is 3" tall and 2 7/8" across the top.  The middle sized canning funnel is 2 1/4" tall and 3 7/8" across, and the larger canning funnel is 3" tall and 5" across.


Re-Purposed Junk Pumpkin Vignette

Yes.  I did.  I made another junk pumpkin this year.

Junk Gears and Pulleys
I used some of this junk.  These junk parts were originally part of a knife sharpening tool my Grandpa had rigged up in his garage year's ago.  I blogged about this acquisition here.


Halloween Decorating with Head Vases: The Black Widow

I just love to use collections in seasonal and holiday decorating.  

Valentine's Day Vignette with Headvases
This lady head vase is my very favorite.  Here she is starring in a Valentine's Day coffee table vignette.


A Rustic and Vintage Fall Covered Patio

I have been in the process of decorating for autumn inside and outdoors but have been hindered by the scarcity of REAL pumpkins.  They got a slow start this spring, and have been very slow to grow and ripen.  

Well today I found and purchased some REAL pumpkins at a local Community Farmer's Market, so without further ado, here is my fall covered patio!

Rustic Vintage Fall Vignette
Starting with three mini pumpkins in canning funnels on the crock table with a rusty crow and lantern.  


A Houseplant Round Up

I think I have more houseplants than most of my friends.  I think I have more houseplants than most of my relatives.  I think I have more houseplants than most of my co-workers.  I think houseplants are too much work for many busy people these days.

I think most houseplants thrive on a little neglect versus over watering for example, but they do die if left totally on their own.  I water about once a week.  I fertilize every two weeks during the growing season April - September.  This has worked for me, and I have been successful with houseplants for the most part.

I think a houseplant round up may be fun!

House Plant Round Up

My current houseplant list is as follows:

A variegated ivy.  I love ivies, but I have killed a few.  I like them on my mantel or on my desk hutch but both are low light areas and die after a while.  I love leaving them is a small neutral pot and sticking them in vignettes, or in fun containers like this vintage plaid lunchbox.

Prayer Plant
 I have had this prayer plant for a lot of years.  It loses a few leaves now and then, and then grows a few new ones, and never gets much bigger.  I have it in a pot inside a great vintage McCoy Jardienere.

Prayer Plant
I love adding a little seasonal decoration to my houseplants.

Cactus Plant
Another long lived houseplant of mine.  It started as a one stem cactus in a miniature pot from Kmart.  Very easy to grow, and I love a white stained terra cotta pot and primitive flag.

African Violets
I have three different types of African Violets together in a pot inside a basket.  They are very healthy in their east facing window and bloom a couple times per year.

Snake Plant
This snake plant was an offshoot from a plant of my dear Grandma's who has been gone for over 10 years.  Very easy to grow.

Hoya in a Figural Swan Planter
This hoya plant in a vintage figural swan planter is another very old plant that was originally my Mom's.  She is still with us, but was thinning out some of her stuff.

Baby's Tears
Baby's Tears #1.  This little baby's tears was a fixture in vignettes in my early blogging career.  Unfortunately I under watered it, and it died.  This is not an easy plant to grow, especially if you are a beginner.  It also likes misting.

Houseplants and Christmas Decor
Houseplants and Christmas Decor.

Baby's Tears
Baby's Tears #2 purchased last winter as a replacement.  This was a much larger plant.  It's still alive but not currently this dense.

Grape Ivy Topiary
This is a grape ivy that I grow as a topiary in this pot and trellis.  It has low light requirements and is quite easy to grow.

Heart Leaf Philodendron
A super easy to grow plant that I have cut back many times since I have had it.  It grows well even in low light conditions, thriving during neglect.  I have a recent post on a haircut and clean up of this heart leaf philodendron here.

Several of my gardening friends have houseplants and/or houseplant tips to share too:

6 Easy to Grow Houseplants

Houseplants Winter Care

Houseplants and Vacations

Indoor Succulents

Winter Indoor Sanctuary with Houseplants

Amaryllis Tips

Amaryllis Tips
New Home New House New Life Also Shares Amaryllis Tips  I remember an Amaryllis being a favorite of my Grandma's for a November birthday gift!

Do you have any houseplants? Besides cleaning indoor air, they bring a design element to your home.

According to Houzz, there are five reasons to design with houseplants.  See them HERE.


New Hometalk Vintage Fall Clipboard!

I love to decorate with vintage items both indoors and outdoors at my house.  I also like to work vintage items into seasonal decorating, and lucky for me, so do a lot of other contributors to the Hometalk website.

When I was approached by Hometalk to curate a Fall Vintage Clipboard, I jumped at the chance to share the fall vintage inspiration that I had found (so far) on Hometalk.  

Please be sure to follow my new clipboard as it will continue to grow as more great fall vintage ideas are shared on the Hometalk site.  Get ready to be inspired!

Follow Fall Vintage Decor HERE.  Even better post your vintage fall ideas HERE and follow my new clipboard!


Vintage Trouser Hanger Fall Door Swag

I still have quite a few vintage wood and metal hangers in my garage, and I got the idea to use a trouser hanger for a door swag.

Vintage Trouser Hanger Fall Door Swag
Here is my hanger, a weedier, grassy, faux floral spray and a sunflower spray with pine cones and colored leaves.  I found them at a local drug store. In this photo, I had stained the wood with a darker stain, but opted to go in the end with a natural wood tone hanger that showed up better on my terra cotta door.


Decorating for Fall with Vintage Collectibles

While some of my fall decorating is on hold until real pumpkins are available here locally, I have put together an over the kitchen sink vintage display.

Fall Vintage Granite Ware Coffee Pot
On the far right, I have an old granite ware coffee pot with a faux apple and flower spray.


Chair Planter Ideas

When I walk into a consignment or antique shop, the first thing I spot are wooden chairs.  I just LOVE old chairs, especially outside.  

This is a recap of some of my old outside and garden chairs:

Wooden Crate with Garden Tools Vignette on Chair
A chair is great for holding a wooden crate vignette.  Here is a a fun raisin crate with vintage garden tools, a peace lily, and an iron lady figurine.

A Trio of Pumpkins in a Fall Kitchen Vignette

I worked my trio of Jello mold pumpkins into a kitchen corner shelf vignette.

Fall Vintage Kitchen Vignette
The Jello mold pumpkins join a larger pumpkin, a vintage scale, orange thermos, coffee pot, tea pot, bread boards, Folger's puzzle, and faux fall flowers.  A pumpkin pie recipe is in the flower frog.


Picture Frames, a Camera, Shutters, a Runner, a Teacup And a Vintage Fan

I really haven't been to any garage sales lately but I continue to shop at the consignment shops on my lunch hour.  Sometimes.  

In the summer, I do miss some days with the extra time needed to keep my flowers watered.

I certainly purchased my share of picture frames recently.
Rustic Wood Frame with Fall Sunflower
First, this fun, rustic frame was $8 at an antique shop.  I have it hung up already, next to my front door in a fall vignette.  I will show you the rest of the covered patio vignettes as soon as I can find some real pumpkins.  None available yet!


An Early Fall Potting Bench

With a couple days off, I have started a little fall decorating outdoors.

Weathered Gray Chair Planted with Mums & Ivy for Fall
 I put some orange rusty colored mums and an ivy in my weathered gray chair.  During the summer my weathered chair was in the front yard border planted with a trailing petuna.


An Up-Cycled Bicycle Wheel Garden Pumpkin

My bike wheel has appeared on my blog in several posts.

Bike Wheel in Christmas Mantel


Quick Garden Pics from a Professional Photographer

I am a blogger with a point and shoot camera.  A Canon SX230HS.  It takes decent photos.

A neighbor of mine, (who takes photos professionally) did a quick tour of my flower gardens and yard, and emailed me the photos.  When I say quick, I mean in about 5 minutes with her kids and dog along and not a lot of photos!  

I asked her to email me the photos and she did.  I think they are a lower resolution for email but I thought it was interesting to see the difference between her camera and mine.  I like the lighting of the more expensive camera.

Garden Junk Vignette

Garden Junk Vignette