Halloween Decorating with Head Vases: The Black Widow

September 15, 2013
I just love to use collections in seasonal and holiday decorating.  

Valentine's Day Vignette with Headvases
This lady head vase is my very favorite.  Here she is starring in a Valentine's Day coffee table vignette.

Today she is taking on a role as the Black Widow in a Halloween vignette.

Halloween Black Widow Head Vase
I have framed a doily as a spider web, and have surrounded my beauty with Dollar Tree spiders in three sizes.  I added a couple of red dots of paint to the larger spiders' backs to resemble black widow spiders.

Halloween Black Widow Head Vase
The whole Halloween vignette is enclosed in a large, clear glass canister jar.  I spray painted some reddish flowers with black spray paint, and stuck them in the head vase.

Halloween Black Widow Head Vase
I also put a large spider on the canister top with double sided tape and smaller ones are hanging down the sides of the jar with crochet thread.

Halloween Black Widow Head Vase
Dollar Tree spider webbing is in the bottom of the canister jar.

Halloween Black Widow Head Vase
What do you think of the Black Widow?  (She is just too calm among all of the spiders!)

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. That's adorable. You are brave to use them like that. I'm afraid to take mine out of their protected environment, my locked curio cabinet.

  2. Very creative!
    She sure is a beautiful black widow

  3. If her lips were different she'd remind me of Lucille Ball. Love what you come up with!

  4. Those spiders are giving me the heebie jeebies!

    I went to a wonderful estate sale yesterday with rock bottom prices, except for the head vase. It was chipped, but still pricey.

  5. The title cracked me up. Just that sounds rather spooky.

  6. I think her calmness among all of those spiders is what makes her so marvelous!! I love this Carlene! Nice job!

  7. Have you agree.. the calmness next to the spiders creates some very strange tension... almost like they're her kids or something.

    Super Creative! If you ever feel like doing some guest blogging for us, we'd LOVE to have you on board! http://www.vintageshopper.com


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