Update on the Framed Pots

June 11, 2013
One of my first outdoor posts this season was a framed lobelia plant.  I had just found this square frame for $11.

This is early May.  I planted the bedding plant in a small galvanized pail hanging from a wire.  A hole was drilled through the top of the frame for the wire which connects to the pail and to a hook hanging in one of our birch trees.  

No leaves on the trees yet.  (Just fall leaves on the ground from last year that needed to be raked up!)

Finally, the grass is green and leaves are on the trees!

The lobelia is filling out.

Hanging on a wire from a large S hook in the tree.

My framed pot from last year...

I used a small, red, barn wood frame for some succulents.

I used a small terra cotta pot with its bottom hole situated over a nail.  It stayed in place.

This year I used a little pail and an Angelina sedum in the frame.

An simple idea, but kinda fun!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. What a neat way to display your pots! Love the look!


  2. Wow! Your plants are actually growing already! The lobelia is gorgeous!

  3. Holy Cow, you have a green thumb. That is huge compared to when you first showed it!

  4. Oh I love it! Such a great idea!

  5. This is just the cutest and most creative thing I've seen! LOVE it -- pinning it and will now be on the hunt for a few good frames for this project!

  6. This is the cutest display for your hanging plants. Love this. So creative.

  7. So cute! Would provide a little privacy, as well(if you need it). Stopping by from Wow Us Wednesday.

  8. Love this idea, Carlene. The frames are fabulous and add so much interest to your beautiful flowers.
    Mary Alice

  9. You. have. the. best. ideas!! Love this! Your plants look great.

  10. Ok, now I need to go out tomorrow and find me some vintage frames. (note to self) :-) I love lobelia. Its in my back deck baskets with my red geraniums. What a great idea and so unique. Thanks for sharing.

    I would love for you to post this at my Linky Party Home{work} Wednesday.Home{work}

    Blessings, Barb

  11. Oh, Carlene! It's the cutest idea! I love how they've filled out. So glad you finally have flower weather so we can enjoy your junk garden! Too bad I didn't see this sooner. I was doing a Hometalk clipboard of hanging planters and this would have made it so much better. These didn't come up in my search, but I would have loved to have included it!

  12. YOU know I will have to swipe this idea and do it myself. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT sister.. hugs and thanks for such a cute idea

  13. What a great idea, that looks so pretty.

  14. Carlene...this is just too cute!! Love it!!

  15. Love that Carlene!
    The lobelia is doing beautifully and the frame idea, very wow!

  16. I love the frames!! I love old wood and then you added the pop of color and wow, what a great idea! Beautiful, simple, fun, stunning....

  17. I like the idea of framing those pots. even provides a bit more privacy.

  18. I just think this is the cutest idea! Love it Carlene!

  19. I am loving this idea so much!! Would you mind if I stole it for next year in our new home??


  20. Extremely cute! I love lobelia and yours looks great. I'm your newest follower :). ~Ann

  21. Absolutely stunning! Hanging from the trees just knocked this cool idea out of the ballpark! You'll be featured on I Love That Junk and a few other places on Sunday. :) Thanks for linking up!

  22. We have a home and garden shop and now that Spring is coming we love to do fun workshops for gardening with our customers. This garden art is perfect! Thanks for posting all the beautiful pictures!

  23. These is stunning ideas of framing those pots. even provides a bit more privacy

  24. I love the idea of plant through the window
    My dilemma is I have no tree
    Thinking of using an art easle and placing my old window on it however would love a fern hanging but unsure what I can do to accomplish this
    Any suggestions


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