A Dozen Fun Ways to Plant Hen & Chicks (Sempervivum)

June 12, 2013
One of my favorite little succulents is the sempervivum, houseleek, or hen and chicks.

They are hardy little perennial succulents that grow in almost anything that can hold at least a small amount of dirt.  Here are 12 ways that I have used hen and chicks in my gardens:

1.  In barnacles in a terra cotta pot of New Guinea Impatiens.

2.  In a vintage muffin tin.

3.  In funnels.

4.  In iron wheels.

5.  In a vintage ice cube tray.

6.  In aluminum measuring cups.

7.  In a "bird's nest" wire basket hanger.

8.  In a vintage, rusty, metal toy sports car.

9.  In and among a vintage iron horse shoe game.

10.  In old pulleys.

10.  In a vintage toaster.

11.  In the bottom of a chicken feeder.

12.  In a row of miniature terra cotta pots.

How do you plant your hen and chicks?

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love love love your great ideas for the Hens and Chicks!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such cute ideas. I love these little plants too. The little car is just the cutest. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love these!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I have some planted in an old pair of work boots.
    These are wonderful ideas. I do have an old ice cube tray like you have shown. I will ave to try this.

  4. Wow-you covered it. Love the toy car.

  5. These are some of my favorite plants! I love your ideas.

    I have a cinderblock wall/steps along the back of my house. There's a ledge where I've planted a row of repurposed containers with hen & chicks & creeping sedum. There are tea tins, tea cups, a wire coffeepot, terra cotta, hen, terra cotta turtle, miniture chairs, & lots more. It's such a sweet row of planters. Just above them, I have some tin hanging cups, kind of like old dippers, with more growing.

    I've looked for an old chicken feeder to plant. I love the humor in planting one with hen & chicks.

  6. Love this post! Those are such cute ways to use these plants! I'm pinning all of these!

  7. Oh - pure inspiration! The squirrels, or rabbits, recently pulled my new chickies right out of the ground and stole them away - not a clue left behind! I plan to get some more - and I am wondering - do you plant in sand, and do you water less often than other plants? My chicks were suffering a bit, and I wondered if I over-watered them.

  8. You alway know just what to do with you garden junk!! I think I love the iron wheel the best. What a fun round up!

  9. My favorite is the wheel. Such a visual treat!

  10. I am a Hens & Chicks fan too! I think they are so cool. Your photos of them are really fun!


  11. Your ideas are great..I use my husbands old work boots, this way the chicks are able to hang over and down...you can pick up old work boots at goodwill if needed also.

  12. my mother loved hens and chickens but was not nearly as creative as you in planting them
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  13. Great ideas,hens and chicks are great little plants.

  14. I love my hens and chicks. I give them away in cute containers as hostess gifts. You have given me some more original idea! Thanks you!

  15. I have a pair of wooden shoes that I put hens and chicks in. They are in the driveway,and everyone who likes them gets a piece of the plant to take home.Share the love.But they cant say thank you,
    its bad luck if you do.The wise tale says the plant may not grow or even die if you say ,thank you.


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