Vintage Woman's Day Ads

March 11, 2013
Can you believe this was a magazine cover?

Other than the date, August 1951, and 5 cents, there is nothing on this cover but an adorable baby.  Would someone snatch this up at the grocery or drug store counter without knowing the other teaser titles contained in the magazine?

There are products that I remember and products that I have never heard of.  Like Swiftn'ning shortening.  I don't remember this shortening brand.

Here's "Derby" Peter Pan.  Can't say that I remember the Derby part.

Of course I've heard of Lane Bryant, but would I want to send for their catalog when it's advertised for "stout" gals?  

Whose mother or grandmother didn't have one of these in the 1950's and 60's?  I still like them.

I think Duz used to give away dishes with their soap.

A portrait of Claudette Colbert is at the top of this Avon ad.

Pink and green towels from Cannon and some decorating tips.

That small GE refrigerator holds all that food?

If you wanted the cleanest wash in town, use Tide.  In the P.S. at the bottom, it says you can skip rinsing with Tide.  Just wash, wring out and hang up.  (I always thought Tide was pretty sudsy.)

I have seen Caloric ice cube trays at thrift shops but can't say that I remember Caloric appliances.

Who remembers Lazy Bones children's shoes?  I think I wore Poll Parrot.

Rita Hayworth for Lux.

Who liked Beech-Nut gum?

Plaid lovers have you seen the GE Clansman clock?

I have never used this type of starch only spray starch.

And here's the last one for Climalene.  Never heard of this no scour product for burnt pots and pans.

The good old days through magazine ads!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. These vintage ads are kind of glamourous in a weird way, aren't they? I laughed at "for white white washes without red hands." :) Isn't Susan Hayward beautiful?

  2. I love the memories behind these ads. One of my aunts used to cut out her favorite ones to line the inside of the kitchen cabinets!

  3. That is Teresa Wright in the Avon ad. She is on TCM at the moment I am writing this! She is one of my favorites!

    I love to look at these old magazines. I get a kick when I come across something that has been reinvented as NEW now. There is so much history in them!!

  4. I just looking through the olden mags and looking at just this very thing! Love all the ads and things were just so different then. Did you get a glimpse of how tiny that lady's waist is on the starch ad? I'll bet it's smaller than Scarlet O'Haras! :)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I'm always on the lookout for old magazines, love the old ads!

  6. These ads made housework look so glamorous! Obviously they haven't seen me on cleaning day. Yikes!

    Love the plaid clock!

  7. wow, I'd love to find one of those adorable plaid clocks!!

  8. Ads were so colorful and fun back then. Love seeing all these pages. Thanks Carlene!

  9. Love these old adds. I think they are kind of neat.


  10. I think my favorite s the pink and green Cannon towels. Love all the ads!

  11. Such great ads, great color. Your photos are beautiful too. I am sure we will see you framing or using some of those in your kitchen decorations. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. I think the ads are one of my favourite parts of looking through vintage magazines. Great ads... I'm getting some of those fancy slippers for the next time I open the fridge door. :)

  13. FUN!! I have a stash of old BH&G magazines. Think I need to get those out :)

  14. Those ads almost make me think housework is fun! I said ALMOST! lol
    Spring Blessings,

  15. Since I was married in the 50's and grew up during this time, I remember all of this and I so wanted that stove. Two ovens. I didn't get one. lol. Great post and brought back wonderful memories. Hugs, Marty

  16. My aunt had one of those red kitchen stools, and I loved it!

    I only remember Buster Brown shoes for kids.

    Fun reading through all these ads. Thanks!

  17. I love these old ads. That red plaid clock is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. I love buying old magazine for the ads!...They are so terrific...My mom had that kitchen stool!!!

  19. These are fantastic! My Grandma had a 'Cosco' stool in minty greenish-blue with silver flecks, and she used to chew Beech Nut Gum!!! Great memories, thank you :-)

  20. I don't have access to the proper shortening but, I am for sure going to try making that cake!! My mom read Women's Day until the day she passed away. I read it from the time I could read until my sons moved out.

  21. Such fun advertisements Carlene. They just aren't the same now days. some things I have not heard of either. Don't remember either brand of shoes. Love the plaid clock and that baby on the cover is a doll! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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