Your Fireplace 1967 - Part 2

February 01, 2013
If you missed part one of this book, "How to Plan and Build Your Fireplace", the link is here.

I found the black and white photos in this book to be fun, recalling styles I remember from my childhood.  One thing is for sure, there were a lot of decorating missed opportunities.  Most of the photos from this book show a mid century modern that was pretty devoid of any personality.  Most of the mid century modern that I see today, it much more pleasing.  

I like this look.  Captioned as "Painted adobe fireplace, design from European peasant fireplace".

I love this tile floor.  Captioned as "White-painted fireplace with curved lintel doubles as either fireplace or barbecue.  Grill rests on projecting ledges when in use".

Captioned as "Kitchen-family room has modest brick fireplace that can be seen from the stove, dining table".

Captioned as "Cooking can be done in fireplace or barbecue-oven at right in dining end of this comfortable kitchen".

How about the ruffles?  Captioned as "Brick fireplace and Dutch sideboard are opposite work areas in the living-kitchen.  A "cave" in the brick work holds wood for the fireplace.  Pine settle table may be adjusted to form bench in front of the fireplace.  Pine paneling covers the kitchen walls".

Captioned as "Dressed stone hearth, fireplace opening blend with knotty pine wall in casual kitchen-dining room".

These chairs remind me of waiting room chairs of the 1960's.  Fun old television set.

Captioned as "Prefabricated fireplace is bright red, to go with cheerful colors in the living room".  My first house had one of these in the basement.

 I really like this ornate cast iron fireplace.  

 Captioned as "This 18th century Flemish fireplace is set with white tiles".  I like this too.

This photo is in a section of the book entitled "Accent with Ornamentation".  Captioned as "Stuffed ducks decorate paneled study wall".

 Captioned as "Small but functional cabin fireplace is used for heat and some cooking".

Captioned as "Brick masonry is set in steps, used as a stairway to sleeping quarters".  Unusual!

Captioned as "Adobe brick fireplace blends with natural waxed knotty pine paneling".

I hope you enjoyed a look back with me at the fireplaces and decor of the 1960's.

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  1. What a fun blast from the past! The one with all the ducks on the wall reminds me of when mallard ducks were the rage in everything from decor to clothing.

  2. I did enjoy and recognized a few!!Thanks for sharing this,

  3. The European one is great. We have cast iron covers here at the old house but I would have to clean them to take pictures and I have given up on this house.

  4. Carlene, I love all of your fun booklets! Growing up we had a bright yellow free standing fireplace alot like the one you showed in our basement family room. I am featuring a couple of your Valentine links on my blog today.

  5. My favorite is the wall of ducks. Quacked me up!

    Fun post, Carlene!

  6. I have some of those Sunset books too. This is a great one. I really like that tiled fireplace, but some of the other decor is so funny. I wonder if people will look at our decor in 30 years and laugh. Heck, they probably already do that with my house! Fun post. laurie

  7. So much fun to see all those old styles. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  8. These were awesome to see. I recognize a few. I think my 2 favorite are the brick with the dutch side oven and the Cast iron one..
    Robyn :)

  9. I wish I had one of those TV's! I keep my eye out, but I'm not sure I'll ever have a chance to get my hands on one. Loved the pictures. So much fun to take a stroll back.

  10. This was so fun! I have a few old magazines. I should share some stuff in them. Wow. Trip down memory lane, huh? I'd love to have you share this at What to Do Weekends Party on my blog also. Take care, Linda


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