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February 19, 2013
I'm off work today.  

What do I do on a day off?

I saw a recipe for crockpot chicken soup on Tatertots and Jello's blog.

It's in my crockpot right now.  The recipe is here.  I will be serving it with French bread, and happy tomorrow when I am at work that there is leftover chicken soup in the fridge to heat up after work!

I purchased a vintage aluminum campfire or wood stove griddle yesterday on my lunch hour for $4.

Here it is behind the coffee pots.

 I washed it up today and stuck it in behind the coffeepots on my kitchen corner built in.

I bought this little bisque bunny figurine yesterday thrifting for $1.

I picked up his little friend on the left today for another $1.

The plan is these little bunnies are going to become "faux" chocolate bunnies.  Stay tuned for a progress report on my bunnies.

Last April I purchased this wood double sided dartboard at a rummage sale for $5.  It was made in England.  After researching it on the internet, I believe it is from the 1960's.  I planned to keep it for my den, but in a weak moment of being overwhelmed by my collections, I took it to my friend's occasional (open one day per week) craft and antique shop to sell.  Luckily for me it did not sell, and last Saturday I took it back home.  

So today I am rubbing a little stain on it and adding a couple coats of poly.  Look for this in to posts to come.

I also washed up this Hiawatha vintage thermos I purchased the end of last week while thrifting.  I love old thermoses, especially red ones.  Again, this little gem will be in upcoming posts.

 Then as a follow up to my post on Sunday "Welcome to Northern Minnesota", here is eight more inches of snow since Sunday.  This is our mailbox across the street.

 My house from the street.  I have been asked if this is typical.  Well it can be.  The last couple winters have been milder with a foot or less of snow.

 The snowbank between my house and my neighbor's house.

Just a day in the life of a blogger from Northern Minnesota!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Love your new finds. Your coffee pots make such a pretty display! Oh my, that snow!!! Being from the South, I don't have to deal with it. We occasionally get a few inches, or sleet/ice mixture. But huge snow banks, no! Bless you! :)

  2. Oh, wow, that snow! Makes me cold just looking at it! I'd love to send you some daffodils from my yard, to brighten your day! I'm anxious to see how your bunnies turn out. Good idea!

  3. Carlene, I've been looking for faux chocolate bunnies. Love the idea of making some of my own. Thanks!
    Your dart board was a great find. Glad you didn't have to give it up.
    Stay warm.........Sarah

  4. Great finds! Those bunnies are just the sweetest.. All that snow! Wow! I'd love it.We used to get snow like that in NJ but I"ve been living in South Carolina now for over 10 yrs an we just had our first snow in a few years this past weekend. Don't laugh, OK go ahead, it was about an inch.. LOL.. but everything looked so beautiful.. Then it rained overnight and everything turned to ice which I know is dangerous but I just had to get out the next morning as the sun was coming up and go driving around and take some photos it all looked so beautiful but it doesn't last around here. By 4 pm that afternoon everything was melted and gone.. How long does it take for all that snow to melt!?
    Robyn :)

  5. You sure do have the snow. Love your bunnies. It is so funny to see the colors of your home since they looks so much like mine......even the white star.

  6. Stay warm my friend. Your home looks beautiful. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  7. Hello from a fellow blogger and big fan! I'm curious if you are interested in selling that baseball theme dart board. My dad is a huge baseball collector and that is s cool display piece. I think my email will be visible to you through this comment, so let me know. Thanks!!! -Erin

  8. That much snow still just amazes me. I love the new griddle, and it goes perfectly with your wonderful coffee pots. The "chocolate" bunnies is such a creative idea. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love the vintage coffee pots, we have several we have collected. Glad the dart board came back home! Hugs, Linda

  10. The snow is beautiful!! Wish we would get just a little bit of that here. Perfect time for homemade soup!
    Mary Alice

  11. Love your new finds Carlene, especially the grill. I am sure those little bunnies will make a cute Easter vignette. The snow is beautiful, but I bet you are tired of it. Take care and be safe.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  12. Well aren't you a busy little beaver! I love those bunnies and I had to smile at that dart board. My brother and I spent endless hours playing that baseball game!! I'm envious of your snow....although we have a wicked ice storm headed our way tomorrow evening!

  13. Great finds!! Can't wait to see the bunnies in your decor for Easter.
    Wow....that is a lot of snow!! We've had a little snow here today...but not more than an inch. They are calling for ice on Thursday night into Friday morning.


  14. I'm glad we missed the snow! The soup looks yummy, especially since I woke up with a sore throat this morning.

    I've got the same dart board, so I'll be watching to see what you do with it. Hmmmm......

  15. Oh my! You have been busy!! Can't wait to see what you do with all your finds... and I'm sorry about your snow. I'm really, really happy that we hardly got any this year :)


  16. Have you seen the chocolate bunnies in the Mason jars with grass? Yours could do that too. Good you had a day off. I imagine delivering mail there is quite the job.

  17. Hi Carlene. Soup looks so pretty and yummy. Love your new treasures, especially the bunnies. They look good enough to eat already. We got about 2 inches of snow yesterday. I thought that was a lot!!!! Do you love it, or not?..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  18. How lovely! www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  19. I have been wishing for snow all winter and we have only had a dusting. Maybe my wish got transferred to your house in addition to your usual amount. LOL. We actually had a snow like that about 15 years ago. Of course we were thrilled until it lasted several days and we couldn't even get the door open. Now I just wish for a couple inches of snow, that's enough for me. Your bunnies are cute and the soup looks very comforting especially with your cold weather. Stay warm and safe!

  20. Oh...My goodness! Look at all that snow. It's so beautiful but so inconvenient.
    Your bisque bunnies are delightful and they make the perfect double dipped chocolate candies.
    I'm so glad you shared.
    Stay warm, my friend.
    Carolynn xoxo

  21. I really enjoyed the glimpse into your kitchen and all of your wonderful goodies.

  22. I love getting a glimpse into your world, Carlene. Great finds you got there too. All things I would have snapped right up. I guess you did good with your day off. The chocolate bunny idea is really cute.

  23. Great thrifting finds, and I know you'll do amazing things with them. Looking at all that snow made me cold, but it might be worth it to come to Minnesota, just to visit the thrift stores where you shop! laurie

  24. Your new finds are great but all that snow is unveleivable!!! I know your beautiful garden is under there somewhere...


  25. Carlene, snowing here again today. But it's suppose to warm up into the 50's the next few days. Yipee! So ready for Spring. Love how the bunnies turned out and sorry to say that I am glad the dartboard didn't sale. Pretty unique. I love old thermoses too. especially plaid ones. Great finds my friend! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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