1951 Canned Meats and a Tongue Platter

February 23, 2013
The following ads and photos are from a 1951 Woman's Day magazine...  

I remember my Grandma making sandwiches with Underwood Deviled Ham when I was young.  I don't think I have ever purchased it.

Wilson's Mor ad.  Mor looks a lot like Spam to me.  

And, Anglo Corned Beef.  

I don't think that canned meats are advertised in magazines much any more.  

The next pages are from a Woman's Day article about "beating the high cost of meat".  "A 3 1/2 pound tongue had a lot of good eating for a family of four."

Here is a full color tongue platter photograph from the magazine.

I have never eaten tongue.  Have you?

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. No, but my best friends' mother eats it and those who have said it's really good. Somehow, after seeing one in a sink (I didn't know it was there), it scared me half to death looking down on it...I don't EVER want to see one again. That thing was huge!!

  2. I grew up with those canned meats, although we didn't eat them very often.(my parents had a grocery store)and sold the canned meats. Mom did make "creole beef" from Anglo corned beef though. I have made ham salad from Treet or Spam and I have made a tongue. It actually wasn't bad, if you didn't know what it was.

  3. Oh,My! No, I've never eaten tongue! But, I do remember the canned meats. Mom's favorite breakfast was scrambled eggs and spam. I never developed a taste for it. Brings back memories!

  4. Yes, tongue is delicious, but it is better NOT to know what it is!

  5. Love these vintage ads and yes the one does look like Spam which yes, I do really like.. LOL.. As for the tongue, umm no I've never eaten it and honestly I don't think I could ever get close to eating it.. LOL..

  6. Not that I know of. Although there have been some funny looking "hamburgers" served at Tuffy's. (now closed by the Health Department)

    Maybe I'll try it on the grandkids this coming weekend. "Kids, the tongue's on the table!"

    Funny stuff, Carlene! I do admit, I love me a good spam burger. :)

  7. Oh my no, I've never eaten tongue! When I lived in Hawaii we did eat alot of Spam!
    hugs, Linda

  8. I totally remember that Deviled Ham!! SO funny! I have eaten tongue!! But, not cold and sliced that!! It is actually tender and good. My husband (he's French) said that in their cafeteria at school they were served sheep's brain quite often!! That, I have never had! I am loving this magazine!!

  9. Wow, how fun. I have eaten a lot of potted meat, but not tongue. It just kind of gives me the shutters to think about it. Great old ads. Hugs, Marty

  10. I think that whole canned meat thing got going after World War II- I think it was a way of feeding the troops that lingered on. I've had Spam a few times but I can't say that I want more! I don't think I could ever ear tongue! Not knowingly!

  11. Never had any of those meats in a can, and as far as a tongue platter...... not to my knowledge. And I have no plans on one now either!


  12. I had to chuckle at your post...I told my 12 year old daughter sitting next to me that my Mom cooked up a beef tongue once (we had a very small hobby farm). I think we threw it away - I don't think anyone could eat it! Blechh!

  13. I'm get behind on reading your posts so fast, Carlene. You are on the move with all your projects. I howled out loud at the tongue salad rolls. I thought it said tongue salad bowls. I was like... what?! thinking they were really over the top creative with the tongue back then.

    How times change.

  14. I had forgotten about the deviled ham!! I never could stand Spam...my mom used to cook it with Lima Beans...really? Two disgusting things in one dishS!!! Never tried tongue, but those pictures trying to make it look appetizing are hilarious!

  15. I don't have any desire to try tongue. It doesn't even look good displayed on that pretty platter. Those ads are so fun. Sometimes, I still get a craving for some deviled ham, but I never liked Spam, and you're right, that does look like Spam. laurie


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