Tea Time 12 - Wm Adams & Sons Winter Scenes

December 09, 2012
I haven't written a Tea Time post since mid November, when I got heavy into Christmas crafting.

Last month, I purchased a couple of saucer-less teacups at the thrift shop for $1 each. I usually never ever do this, but I liked the Christmas scenes on them.

Now what to do with two saucer-less teacups?

I was coming to the end of my Christmas decorating. and still no inspiration for the winter scene teacups.

I have turquoise cabinets in my laundry room (that is right off of the kitchen), and I decided to put this little vignette on the dryer.

A candle ring with vintage cloth sewing "garland" (that was Grandma's), the teacups and fabric star and owl ornaments.

I may look for saucers for these.

They are in perfect condition, and I love the pattern.

Thanks for stopping by!

Joining Ruth for Tuesday Cuppa at Antiques and Tea Cups.

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Those are nice mugs. Reminds me of Currier and Ives......????
    Looks cute with how you set it up. You should have been on our Cup of Kindness swap.

  2. Love the cups. Sometimes an item will just "speak" to me and I will have to take it home with me. I call them rescue items.

  3. LOVE YOUR SITE!!! I am your newest follower!!! hugs from Alberta Canada!!!

  4. Carlene these are just adorable stacked with a couple of cute ornaments. You have such a knack for putting things together! Love it!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Carlene, You are so creative! LOVE the transferware cups..even without saucers. Cute garland, too.

  6. I love English ironstone and those mugs are lovely, so right for a cold evening hot chocolate. I love the garland and the decorated cups, you are so talented, honey! Happy holidays.

  7. Your tea cups are special and hopefully you will find the
    saucers one day...
    Love the little design you
    created especially for the
    washer top..
    Happy Holidays

  8. Your cute mugs remind me of the Currier & Ives dinnerware I grew up with. Memories of home.

    What a nice display for a room that can always use some cheer.

  9. I thought the same thing as Debby. They loook like Currier and Ives designs. I think my mother has a platter in this design. I'll have to check underneath the next time she uses it for a holiday meal. Pretty little teacups!

  10. Carlene, I love this pattern. You come up with the best ideas and vignettes!!
    Mary Alice

  11. Such a cute vignette Carlene! I have seen this same pattern at the auction that I attend every week. If I see some saucers, I'll let you know.

  12. Oh my, these are just such awesome ideas and I love to try out your ideas for this year.

  13. Hi Carlene!
    You got such a good deal on the Christmas teacups. I love the pretty scene. Your sure to find some saucers to go with them. Love the vignette.

  14. Hi Carlene. The teacups are a lovely pattern. Well worth bringing home indeed! I love transferware! I think your vignette is charming! Perfect for the season. Thanks for sharing your rescued treasures and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  15. Love your vintage cups, and how you are displaying them. Beautiful and creative!

  16. Those tea cups are perfect for the holidays! Hope you can find the saucers to match--and maybe a plate or two?

  17. So, so cute Carlene! I might even be enticed to do some more laundry if I had a sweet little vignette like yours to admire! :)

  18. Love your vignette. I think the cups are wonderful and hopefully you can find saucers to match :)

  19. It's just adorable! I love how you wrapped the vintage sewing tape around the bottom, very clever. Those tea cups are so pretty too. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Sweet teacups. I love the old cloth measuring tape for garland. Merry Christmas!

  21. I'm a teacup hoarder, so you know I'm loving your new ones.

  22. Love your little vignette-it's inspired! :)

  23. Hello Carlene,
    Those are beautiful cups! I love the shape and colorful designs! Your vignette is really lovely!

  24. Wow- that's so clever, and I can definately see why you picked up those wonderful and thrifty treasures!!

    Well done!!

  25. Hi Carlene. That just proves my point, how you can make anything out of a little bit of something. Sweet cups, I wouldn't have passed them up either. Just keep an eye out and you will probably find saucers. Looks so cute..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  26. You can always marry them with a cute similar saucer. But your vignette is darling...so creative!
    Have a happy week!
    sandy :)

  27. Carlene, I just LOVE those cups!! The scene on them is just so pretty. That was a lucky find.

  28. Dear Carlene,
    I am so glad these cups went to a good home. They are darling.
    Love to hear of the color of your laundry room too.'
    Ruthie from Lady B's TIme for Tea

  29. Love, love the vignette cup. It did come together for you after all.

  30. Such a sweet display, so cozy, makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book!

  31. I have a bunch of plates, bowl, cups, saucers, cream and sugar and gravy boats of this pattern. I'm looking to get rid of them sadly because I am in need of the space they are taking up. If you're interested, let me know!


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