Nostalgia Day 31

My 31 Day Nostalgia Series is coming to a close today...

Let's look back at the month of October:

Day 1: I shared my kindergarten hand plaque from 1961, and my three kids' plaques.

Day 2: I shared some of my favorite record albums from the 1970's.

Day 3: I shared my vintage 1940's rotary dial wall phone and reminisced about party lines.

Day 4: I shared a couple old pincushions on display on my treadle sewing machine.

Day 5: I shared some WWII ration stamp booklets that were my Grandma's.

Day 6: I shared my vintage collection of Cracker Jacks charms.

Day 7: I shared my childhood Barbie dolls.

Day 8: I shared my girl scout sash.

Day 9: I shared a photo of an uncle who died before I was born, and discussed being the family historian.

Day 10: I shared a small collection of Little Big Books.

Day 11: I shared my vintage charm bracelet.

Day 12: I shared a collection of small vintage tins.

Day 13: I shared a footstool I had just purchased and chatted about footstools from the past.

Day 14: I shared some faux caramel apples I had just made with Mod Podge and some history on caramel apples.

Day 15: I shared my childhood tea set that was made in Japan.

Day 16: I shared my Red Wing pottery including this cookie jar that was my Grandma's.

Day 17: I shared an old family photo from the 1940's that I had made into a wall canvas.

Day 18: I shared some vintage travel postcards.

Day 19: I shared some Kitsch.

Day 20: I shared my three darning eggs and a tutorial on "how to darn".

Day 21: I shared my vintage Turner and DeJonge prints.

Day 22: I shared two vintage dime register banks I own.

Day 23: I shared my new collection of Brownie cameras.

Day 24: I shared two vintage battery operated vehicles.

Day 25: I shared my colored doily collection.

Day 26: I shared some vintage family baby announcements.

Day 27: I shared some presidential collectibles.

Day 28: I shared some of my lady head vases.

Day 29: I shared some dish towels embroidered by my Grandma in 1976.

Day 30: I shared my vintage bowl collection.

Thanks a lot everybody that read a few of my nostalgia posts, and thanks a million to the faithful that read them all!

Here's a link to each of these posts:

Day 1: My Kindergarten Hand Plaque

Day 2: My Record Albums

Day 3: My Vintage Phone

Day 4: My Pin Cushions

Day 5: WWII Ration Stamp Books

Day 6: Cracker Jack Charms

Day 7: My Barbie Dolls

Day 8: My Girl Scout Sash

Day 9: The Family Historian

Day 10: Big Little Books

Day 11: Charm Bracelets

Day 12: Vintage Small Tins

Day 13: Footstools and Hassocks

Day 14: Fall Caramel Apples

Day 15: Toy Tea Set

Day 16: Red Wing Pottery

Day 17: Vintage Photos on Canvas

Day 18: Travel Postcards

Day 19: Kitsch

Day 20: The Lost Art of Darning

Day 21: Turner & DeJonge Vintage Prints

Day 22: Dime Register Banks

Day 23: Brownie Cameras

Day 24: Vintage Battery Operated Toy Vehicles

Day 25: Doilies

Day 26: Vintage Baby Announcements

Day 27: Presidential Collectibles

Day 28: Lady Head Vases

Day 29: Embroidered Dish Towels

Day 30: Vintage Bowls



Nostalgia Day 30: Vintage Bowls

I have a pretty big collection of old mixing bowls. Lots of meals and baked goods were mixed up and served in these old bowls.

I have four gray stoneware colored bowls in different sizes. No maker marks.

This of course is a Fireking jadeite bowl. This one was my Grandma's.

This one is a vintage Pfaltzgraff bowl.

This little bowl was my Grandma's too.

This flat bowl is a vintage McCoy.

I like the white stripes on the mustard yellow.

Another striped bowl.

Another McCoy.

Plain white with concentric stripes.

Love the design in this old yellow ware bowl.

This one was also my Grandma's. It looks like a fiesta but is unmarked.

Small white bowl with a fluted design.

This old bowl was also Grandma's. A neat design, color and all over fine crazing.

This bowl is one of my favorites.

With the exception of the ones noted most of these bowls are unmarked or simply marked "made in the USA".

This is where I display them:

In my kitchen in the built in corner shelves,

And in the laundry room in a bowl shelf.

Do you collect any old bowls?

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