Nostalgia Day 30: Vintage Bowls

October 30, 2012
I have a pretty big collection of old mixing bowls. Lots of meals and baked goods were mixed up and served in these old bowls.

I have four gray stoneware colored bowls in different sizes. No maker marks.

This of course is a Fireking jadeite bowl. This one was my Grandma's.

This one is a vintage Pfaltzgraff bowl.

This little bowl was my Grandma's too.

This flat bowl is a vintage McCoy.

I like the white stripes on the mustard yellow.

Another striped bowl.

Another McCoy.

Plain white with concentric stripes.

Love the design in this old yellow ware bowl.

This one was also my Grandma's. It looks like a fiesta but is unmarked.

Small white bowl with a fluted design.

This old bowl was also Grandma's. A neat design, color and all over fine crazing.

This bowl is one of my favorites.

With the exception of the ones noted most of these bowls are unmarked or simply marked "made in the USA".

This is where I display them:

In my kitchen in the built in corner shelves,

And in the laundry room in a bowl shelf.

Do you collect any old bowls?

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Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. You have a great collection of old bowls! Gosh I love them! I don't have any like that but maybe one day. They have such history to them, makes using them special. Hugs, Linda

  2. I swear we were separated at birth! I keep all my bowl on top of my kitchen cabinets and last year at Christmas someone brought something that needed to be put in a different bowl for serving. I asked my husband if he could dig around in the cabinets and find another bowl and he looked up to the top of the cabinets with a weird look on his face and said "what about one of those"?

  3. I LOVE bowls too! You have quite the amazing collection... that first one was my favourite, but after scrolling down I'm not so sure now. Your bowl displays are wonderful too. Love 'em! :)

  4. I love old bowls too. The second one almost made me cry...amazing that a bowl can make you emotional. It is gorgeous. I have one similar to the very last one...found it in an alley behind a B&B as I was out for my morning walk. It has a hole drilled in the bottom...Why would someone do that? Anyway, I made a planter out of it. Glad I found your blog! Best, Vicki

  5. As much as I love old bowls, I only have a few in my collection. I've given my bigger bowls to our daughters since I just don't have the room to store them in our kitchen. You've got a great collection and I'm sure you remember Mary Engelbreit's saying, "Life is just a chair of bowlies."

  6. Beautiful collection! I think your grandma's jadeite bowl is my favorite.

  7. It is posts like this that refresh my memory..where is that bowl ??? Love all your wonderful vintage bowls!

    Jan from the Pink Geranium

  8. Carlene,
    Your bowl collection is fabulous! Wow! You have so many different ones, and lucky you, you have some from your mother and grandmother! That makes them invaluable!
    There is something really lovely about using an old bowl to beat batter....

  9. Carlene, you have a fantastic collection of bowls. I love the striped ones especially. I love vintage bowls too and have many. xo, Olive

  10. I have a few, but you definately have a great collection. Does tomorrow mean the end of the Nostalgia posts?? I hope not...I have enjoyed these!

  11. One Hall Jewel bowl in the leafy gold pattern; just like my Grama's had. Now, get out those bowls out and let's have some cereal!

  12. You are right....You have a wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous and huge collection of bowls. I couldn't begin to pick a favorite. They are all delightful!
    Carolynn xo

  13. You have a fabulous collection of very nice vintage bowls. And I like how you have them displayed.
    Mary Alice

  14. Good Morning Carlene, What a beautiful set of vintage bowls. It's very hard to choose a favourite as they are all lovely, but if I had to, I think it would be the last one, the blue/cream and white bowl. What a treat to have so many bowls from your grandmother. I have found you via Savvy Southern Style and have become a follower. Sending you best wishes from England....Daphne

  15. What a fabulous collection and the best part? That several were your grandmother's...sweet.

  16. Those are some interesting and lovely bowls. Thank you for sharing. Your display is awesome. Have a great day.

  17. That is a beautiful collection. Vintage bowls always make me warm and fuzzy, they remind me of simpler days and mom baking at the holidays.

  18. Ahh! I love the Yellow ware and of course the Jadeite! Such a lovely collection of vintage bowls! :)

  19. Amazing collection! Just hopped in from Garage Sal Gal's blog. Love it here. Happy Halloween ;)

  20. I love your beautiful collection of bowls! Just want to say Happy Halloween to you and your family!


  21. What a beautiful collection! I love old bowls as well...if only they could talk! lol! Angie xo

  22. Beautiful and functional, that's what I love!

  23. Beautiful collection! I have a jadeite batter bowl that I just adore.

    Thanks for sharing on the All Star Block Party!!

  24. I love mixing bowls... you have an awesome collection!

  25. Oh yes, My mother collected dishes and I have inherited several from her. I have a couple I call crock bowls since they seem to make with the same material as the old crocks. I also have several pieces of the green bowls (nice to now know they are called Fireking jadeite bowls.
    On my way to check out some of your other posts and to follow in as many ways as posssible:)

    PS I would love to invite you to share this or any of your other favorite posts at Freedom Fridays Blog hop (no rules and live now)

  26. Love your collection of vintage bowls. I have some myself and just love them!!


  27. Love all your bowls! I also collect but I limit myself to glass {Pyrex, Fire King, etc.} and Fiesta. I have always loved bowls more than anything else and focus on them when collecting. I can't explain it, I just love old bowls. You have a great collection!


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