An Autumn Coffee Table Vignette

I worked on an autumn coffee table vignette today.

It started with finding some orange mini pumpkins at the Dollar Tree. Of course they look a little fakey, (they cost a dollar), but decorating this early and while it's this hot, I worried that real, mini pumpkins may get moldy.

Here is the the Dollar Tree pumpkin on the left, just as I purchased it. The one on the right has been touched up. The original is just too bright orange and too shiny. I squeezed a little blob of Walnut Noyer Ceramcoat acrylic paint on a paper plate and watered it down quite a bit. I then took a half sheet of paper towel, scrunched it up and wet it a little. Then I dipped it in the watery walnut paint. I dabbed the pumpkin on and off until the paint was not too dark.

The pumpkin has a sort of mottled look like real ones that are a little green and dirty from being just picked.

This is not as easy to see by the photo, but the stem was solid green and plastic. I took yellow paint and watered it down too and dabbed and rubbed it into the stem grooves to give it a yellow and green look like the real mini pumpkins that I have here.

I had this burgundy/dark red and orange candle ring from last year and a flameless candle that I put in the painted, distressed wood box. I then added some more expensive faux apples (not Dollar Tree more like $3.95 each or more) to a cloche along with two of my touched up Dollar Tree mini pumpkins. Lastly added a few faux berries and pine cones, and a silver plate over copper, rectangular tray I found last month.

I have a burlap runner under a white cotton lace edged vintage oval runner and a vintage square linen in the box.

It was 90 here yesterday and 80 something today. It doesn't feel like fall but according to the calendar, I guess it's close enough!

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Late Garden Additions

As of last Friday, I have an empty nest...My last child left for college.

This is new for me as I have had children at home since 1979. How am I doing? Okay... Older children moved to the Twin Cities and are 300 miles away, and youngest is only 100 miles away. She will be home for the Labor Day weekend but then not again until the second weekend in October as she is on the college women's golf team and they golf fall and spring in Minnesota.

On Sunday afternoon my husband disappeared for a few hours. I thought he had probably went to mow the lawn at our hunting cabin. But no, he was at an auction sale.

He likes auction sales. He is a collector of vintage fishing lures and rods and reels. But, he bought two things just for me.  And you know how I love garden junk!!!!!!!!

A very rusty old cultivator.

I do love it.

And, this great cement bird bath, complete with patina and a little moss.

Not that we didn't have birdbaths...
 A small iron one...

And a terra cotta/cobalt blue bird bath that used to hang in a tree by a chain, but is now perched atop an upside down, large terra cotta pot.  This bird bath started out full of rocks and the birds loved to drink out of it.  Especially the finches, but what happened to the rest of the rocks?  Squirrels?  They are also frequent drinkers.

Mr. Organized Clutter took me by surprise!



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Framing a Potholder

I am starting to post my fall decor this week.

First of all, let me tell you that I live in a small town of about 6,400 and possibly up to 9,000 or 10,000 with small surrounding towns. I must travel at least 100 miles to shop somewhere other than Kmart, Ben Franklin Crafts, and consignment shops for home decor and craft supplies. That's why I am resourceful!

Yes, I framed a Kmart sunflower potholder in an 8 x 10 Kmart light wood frame today!

The over sink shelf is new too! Well, new to me! $3 at the consignment shop. This one started out like this:

I forgot to take a before pic, but I found one just like it on Ebay.

This is the old over sink Martha Stewart Kmart wood shelf and before vignette.

I used a potholder/oven mitt with a sunflower from Kmart for $3.99, and an 8 x 10 frame for $3.99 from Kmart in a light wood frame to match my kitchen cabinets. I cut a piece of burlap to fit the frame and pushed it in the frame with no glass. Then I used double stick carpet tape to adhere the potholder to the framed burlap.

I painted the shelf with Rustoleum black chalkboard paint, distressed it lightly and then covered it with Lundmark paste wax.

I dug into my button stash for some rusty brown, gold and yellow buttons in sunflower colors for the jar. The pitcher with wood utensils and rooster metal paper towel holder were already part of the kitchen.

Have you ever framed a potholder?

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Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

New Fall Mantel & Tea Time 7

Today I am posting a combination new fall mantel together with my weekly Tea Time teacup post.

I have burgundies in my living room and fall fruit is a great match for the mantel.

My living room is decorated in my version of English country style. If you want to see my living room reveal, click here.

My new fall mantel:

This is the before photo:

Now for a few closeups:
Navy blue Collier - Ernest Hemingway novels, coverless distressed books, old keys, and a faux plant.

Next, "Harvest Fruit I" Kate McRostie (I purchased this at a consignment shop, but it is originally from Target).

Next pears, a Royal Vale teacup and saucer, a "made in Japan" lady head vase, two cups and saucers that were my Grandma's, (unmarked), and the vintage Franklin Dixon - Hardy Boys books found at a consignment shop last week.

Next a vintage wood easel that was gold and I painted white with a consignment shop fall plate (not vintage) and a vintage poetry book, more Ernest Hemingway novels and a made in Japan lady figurine. I loved how the fruit is three dimensional on the top of the plate.

My new fall mantel!

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Tea Time Tuesday


Joining Censational Girl for Autumn Mantels.