Late Garden Additions

August 28, 2012
As of last Friday, I have an empty nest...My last child left for college.

This is new for me as I have had children at home since 1979. How am I doing? Okay... Older children moved to the Twin Cities and are 300 miles away, and youngest is only 100 miles away. She will be home for the Labor Day weekend but then not again until the second weekend in October as she is on the college women's golf team and they golf fall and spring in Minnesota.

On Sunday afternoon my husband disappeared for a few hours. I thought he had probably went to mow the lawn at our hunting cabin. But no, he was at an auction sale.

He likes auction sales. He is a collector of vintage fishing lures and rods and reels. But, he bought two things just for me.  And you know how I love garden junk!!!!!!!!

A very rusty old cultivator.

I do love it.

And, this great cement bird bath, complete with patina and a little moss.

Not that we didn't have birdbaths...
 A small iron one...

And a terra cotta/cobalt blue bird bath that used to hang in a tree by a chain, but is now perched atop an upside down, large terra cotta pot.  This bird bath started out full of rocks and the birds loved to drink out of it.  Especially the finches, but what happened to the rest of the rocks?  Squirrels?  They are also frequent drinkers.

Mr. Organized Clutter took me by surprise!



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  1. That was lovely of your husband. The birdbath is pretty. We are slaves to our birds. The hummers are getting ready to fly south and are keeping me busy making nectar. hugs, olive

  2. Sounds like a good man! Love the photos!~

  3. Oh How I know the moment of the empty nest...
    All the best to you!

  4. So good that you share some of the same interests....junk. Love your new things.
    It is hard to let your kids leave the nest. But they do come home. Someday it will seem nice to spend a quiet evening at home. Not just yet....... oh how I remember how hard it is that first couple of weeks. (((((HUGS)))))

  5. Hi Carlene: What a nice hubby. Isn't a surprise the best. Never can have too many birdbaths. Love to watch the little things drink..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  6. Welcome to the empty nest life - but the best part is that they keep coming back :-)

  7. Oh my goodness. I'm not quite at that stage in my life yet, and I am not quite looking forward to it. As much as I do know that you miss your children ~ try and enjoy. How sweet of your hubby to purchase a few goodies at an auction. Love the old cultivator and the bird baths

    Have a great day ;-)

  8. What a thoughtful husband! It kind of takes the sting out of having an empty nest. The cultivator will look perfect with autumn garden decor!

  9. Looks like your husband is a keeper & knows exactly what you like. Enjoy your newest treasures!

  10. I just love when a husband does those little surprise treats....he definately knows what you like and probably that you needed a little picker upper!!

  11. Hi Carlene,
    I remember when my girls moved out and we were newly empty nesters. It was very quite at first and we missed them so much, but we began to really enjoy our time along, also the girls would call everyday becaused they missed us too. It will be sad at first but you will get use to it and really start enjoying your free time. How sweet of hubby to bring you gifts..we wifes do love gifts..LOL
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  12. I feel your pain with the last child leaving
    home... it's been a few years since my last
    left home and they are all very far from me..
    but this past week I was able to fly to see
    my grand kids and it's such a great time for
    me... as for the garden junk.. I'm just like
    you.... enjoy the quiet around the house or
    maybe like me, you will never get used to it..

  13. How thoughtful of your husband!! I love garden treasures. My daughter (only child) started college this fall also, and even though she is commuting I still feel that 'empty nest' as she is very much her own person now. I think that may be why I am so blue as of late.

  14. Love your 'new' treasures!
    Isn't it great having a husband that just knows what you love?!

    I can relate with the empty nest syndrome.
    I'm still trying to navigate through it.
    Funny, it isn't like I dreamed it would be, when they were all home.

    Have a happy day!


  15. yes he is so sweet and thoughtful. I love that cobalt color.

  16. What cute yard art! Thank you for sharing! :)

  17. What a sweet hubby! Very cute additions to your garden, I love the character they add!!

  18. Love all your beautiful treasures for your garden. What a wonderful husband. Thanks for sharing.


  19. O, don't you just LOVE surprises like that. What a sweet fella he must be.
    Love your new treasures...:)

  20. Oh how I love bird baths and I think I have more than a dozen scattered about the yard. Love the cement one with the time-used look. What a nice husband. If Mr. Z. did that I would be shocked beyond belief.
    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures with a nice comment.
    Audrey Z.

  21. Being an empty nester isn't all that bad, especially if you still have one in college. They seem to be home more than in school...hmmm...wonder what we're paying for. :-)
    Mary Alice

  22. You have such a "sweet" husband to bring back these two treasures for your garden. See you next week.
    Joyce M

  23. Your hubby's so sweet. Love the birdbath he got you :)

  24. Hi Carlene....You'll get used to the empty nest syndrome. It's not easy but it gets better.

    Loved the birdbath. You know what? I have two birdbaths in the yard but no birds come at all. I think the presence of our cat is the major deterrent. The "boidies" think, "uh uh. I'm not going to be his lunch." Sad but true.


  25. Your husband was cultivating his love for you! Wow, that's so sweet! Oh the empty nest...I hope you find your way as you adjust.

  26. Mr. O.C. is a real keeper! What fun garden treasures! And what a fun suprise to get! Thank you for sharing last week at TTF. Have a fantastic day!


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