My Book for Fall - Religious Nurture for the Nursery Class Child 1942

I just came across an old (copyright 1942) Sunday School nursery class book by Mary Edna Lloyd that my Mom had found and purchased at a thrift store.

It's a soft cover book 8 1/2" x 7 1/2". The black and white photos and innocence of the period are evident in the photos and stories. I hope you enjoy it.

You don't see teachers with lace collars like that anymore!

The boy on the lower right has a giant ringlet on top of his head.

When was the last time you put a headscarf on yourself or anyone else?

A little nostalgia on a Monday!

In The Old Road


Uff da!

When I was growing up, I was quite proud of my heritage. I was one half Norwegian, three-eighths German and one-eighth Danish.

If I were to do the math on my children's heritage, it would be much harder. The melting pot has been stirred up again and again so that I would be dealing in fractions of sixteenths and thirty-seconds.

My dad's mother, Grandma J, was the child of Norwegian immigrants. All of her life, my Grandma spoke in Norwegian with her brothers and sisters. I never met her father, my Great Grandpa, but I did visit with my Great Grandma a few times, and she did not speak much English.

A couple weeks ago I attended an estate sale about a block and a half from my house, and picked up these delightful little wooden figurines for $4.

Nothing says "Norwegian" like Henning hand carved wooden figurines.

Keeping with the Norwegian theme, here is a trivet that was made from a Suzanne Toftey tile, Krum Kake Girl. I bought it at a consignment shop for $4. My Grandma wasn't a big Krum Kake maker, but she made a ton of Fattigman.

Finally, my Mom just gave me this vintage linen that I think is also Norwegian, but of course I can't translate it. Feel free to offer the translation in the comments section.

How many of you are of Norwegian descent, like me?

Just today and tomorrow left in my Ramsign Giveaway.


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