My Book for Fall - Religious Nurture for the Nursery Class Child 1942

July 30, 2012
I just came across an old (copyright 1942) Sunday School nursery class book by Mary Edna Lloyd that my Mom had found and purchased at a thrift store.

It's a soft cover book 8 1/2" x 7 1/2". The black and white photos and innocence of the period are evident in the photos and stories. I hope you enjoy it.

You don't see teachers with lace collars like that anymore!

The boy on the lower right has a giant ringlet on top of his head.

When was the last time you put a headscarf on yourself or anyone else?

A little nostalgia on a Monday!

In The Old Road

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  1. What a delightful book. I recently came across my grandmother's object lesson book. Her name in her own handwriting was in it with my mother's below hers. I put my name in it and passed it on to my daughter who works with children.

  2. That is such a wonderful book. I remember a picture of myself when I was probably that little girl's age and I have a headscarf just like that on my head. It was probably 1956. hehehe

  3. What a lovely treasure your mom found! All the pictures are so sweet! Times sure have changed! Angie xo

  4. This is the sweetest book! I love all the old photos that look like pictures from my parent's era.

  5. That little book is adorable! The ringlet on the boy is priceless! I haven't put a headscarf on anyone...but I sure remember wearing them lol! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my magazine post today, Carlene!

  6. Beautiful, simple and just so innocent.... sigh! We could learn a lot by reading this!

  7. Such a lovely book. A much simpler time! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  8. How sweet is that and the pictures are precious.

  9. These iamges are so sweet... from when things were simple and wholesome and truly good. Love those little button down wool coats!

  10. The photos are adorable. The book is a lovely keepsake for your family to cherish.

    Visiting from Share Your Cup Thursday.

  11. This is so precious, what a sweet find! I think those are called "family values"!! loved seeing this!

  12. Oh, where did those thin head scarves go? I haven't seen one in eons!

  13. Wonderful book. I specially love the photo of the two little girls in their winter coats carrying those holiday gifts, precious.
    Thanks for sharing the book.

  14. I love this book, it brings those inocent and simple family life to yearn for these days of so much of a tumultuous world and people and broken and "different" families have changed everything so much! I've seen beautiful pics like this from hubby's family, he has older bros from that era, even though I'm a little girl from the fiftees, I was dressed in Sunday best and lots of dresses for almost everyday. In so many ways.. days gone by were the best! Happy weekend.

  15. Oh Carlene, this is a precious book. Oh how I love images of those slower paced lifestyles. Things have changed so much and the innocence of youth is not quite the same. Kids seem to grow up way too fast anymore. Thanks for sharing this sweet thing with Share Your Cup.


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