What's Up with Barnacles?

February 15, 2012
As I have mentioned before, I work at a furniture store when I'm not blogging. While looking through some of the new accessories' catalogs, I was surprised at the attention being given to barnacles. Yes, the arthropod relative of crabs and lobsters, that is basically immobile, and encrusts itself on boats.

I live in the midwest, so I really hadn't seen them used in decorating, although I have seen starfish and shells used in coastal and cottage decorating magazines all the time.

Here are some barnacles I found on the internet:

For sale on Amazon - World Imports $87

Silver Barnacles from Clayton Gray $134

Sold by Regina Andrews $97

Then barnacles from Pinterest and the Blogs:

In a bottle as a boquet from Pinterest

As ornamentation on a flower pot from Pinterest
On a stack of books from Pinterest
Framing a mirror from Pinterest

Wall decor from Pinterest

In a vignette by swedetypepad.com

Hmm...I bought some barnacles a few years ago at a garage sale for $2, and they have been sitting in my flower bed. Not much snow this year, maybe I'll go outside and check them out.

Well the barnacles were not snow covered or frozen down so I picked them up and brought them inside, soaked them in soapy water.

Now my barnacle cluster is not as big as the ones I showed you for $100 or more, but they are the same thing.

My $2 garage sale barnacles.

My barnacles on a stack of books.

My barnacles in a vignette with a plate and Florence Ceramic's Sue Ellen.

So are barnacles hot? Are they a fad? or what?

The Shabby Nest
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  1. Interesting. i picked some up at HomeGoods last summer because I loved the color. Good to know they are 'in'! Thanks for sharing, liz

  2. Hi Carlene, I like decorating with things from the sea and I love these. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party this week. Hugs, Sherry

  3. who knows; I've not seen them here; maybe I should go collecting the oyster shells?

  4. This the first time I see them used as decoration. You found real cute ones with pink stripes! How shabby is that..

  5. Wow! I can't really say I've seen barnacles as decorator items before! Fascinating!

  6. I haven't seen any barnacles lately, but occasionally I've seen them at Home Goods. Now you've "started something" :) and I'll be looking for them. They do add a lot of texture and color and I love natural things in the house.Great post. That barnacle mirror frame is gorgeous.

  7. Who knew barnacles could be so pretty! I am your newest follower!

    -Pamela, InspiredByFelicity.blogspot.com

  8. Just found you on the linky followers blog hop and now I am looking forward to following you:) Barnacles, who would have thought they were so beautiful. Opened my eyes for some so different. Please hop over and check out my blog and follow back.

    My Turn (for us)


    Thanks, I enjoyed the visit!

  9. Hi I am now following you and found you on the linky follower hop! I invite you to follow me over at Hibiscus House, I would love to have you. I can tell I am going to enjoy your posts.

  10. how interesting...and how expensive!! wow! but you got the deal!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  11. Found you via the Linky Followers Blog Hop 2! Following you via Linky. Come visit my blog, when you have a moment to spare! Tera - http://www.eccentricleopard.com/ - Thanks!

  12. Neat decorating with banicles. Found you at Linky blog hop. I am following would you follow back. Pat

  13. So unique! Love the pic with the roses. Thanks for linking up to the Share the Love Wednesday link party at Very Merry Vintage Style!

  14. Wow.. these are pretty !!! I like them.

    I am actually coming to your site re. the FOLLOWER linky blog hop, and am following you ! :-) Will you follow me back?? Thank you so much when you do.

    PLUS: There is also a party on our blog, where you can feature 'your best creative work'. There are some great projects to see already, but we want to see your work!

    Anyhow, use this link both to FOLLOW and to PARTY:

    Hope to seeing you around!!
    Have a happy, creative day!


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