Fun with Funky Junk (a vignette)

I found an odd find at the consignment store for $4 recently. It's a McGill Paragon Coin Changer. I think it's vintage, if not it's certainly in the junk category. I think people wore them on their belts to make change.

It looks like this:

I am going to turn this find into a junk vignette with an old baking pan, a, piece of burlap, a vintage dime register bank, assorted coins in a jar, a live baby's tears plant, a ball of twine and three vintage silver dollars. Here it is:

Can you believe my last post was a Victorian Ladies Vignette?

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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  1. Carlene, you pulled that vignette together very nicely. I don't think I could have thought to display those things all together but it worked for you. As for having a totally different post before, that's the fun of doing this. We are free to do as we please from day to day. I hope you are having a sweet Valentine's Day.----Shannon

    1. Thanks Shannon. I'm having a great time arranging things!

  2. I love funky things like your "collection". I have lots of things like that around the house. You've just inspired me to look for them to use for a vignette. I like your old baking pan with the burlap and the baby's tears in the pot. Also the ball of string. I have a thing for balls of string. I must have been a cat in a former life. LOL

  3. Cute display! Great find in coin collector! I'm now a follower!

  4. I have the same coin changer...I remember the ice cream man had one on his belt...I like how you put it in your vignette!!


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