Vintage Cracker Jacks and Gumball Charms

February 11, 2012
This little miniature collection is practice for me on photographing very small objects, up close.

How many of you remember these old charms? I don't have alot, but I have a few I keep in an old tin. A collection that doesn't take up much room, but brings me back to my childhood.

Let's take a look at my plastic charms and my photography...

Copper banjo
Not sure if this is Cracker Jack charm or not, green clover leaf or shamrock girl
Copper drum
Green trumpet
Copper gun
Copper devil?
Blue panther or tiger?
Red and white rocket
Copper Saxophone
White Sea Serpent or Loch Ness Monster
Copper trumpet
Copper violin
White ray gun

There they are, Cracker Jack/Gumball Charms, long before the Happy Meal!


Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love these little charms!
    When my daughter was little, I took a white t-shirt and sewed these kinds of bubble gum charms in a dot pattern on the front of each shirt and staggered the rows! She loved it and it even washed well!

    I remember looking back at her in her car seat looking at each little charm when she first wore it! Too funny. Completely forgot about that memory.

    Thanks for bringing it back!

  2. That's a fun way to "decorate with collectibles",

  3. I really like the sea serpent against the red background. Nice job.

  4. How cute! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  5. I am a Linky follower and hope you will be too!

  6. Lovin' that adorable squirrel!! thanks for sharin' the fun at VIF!

  7. The green clover leaf girl is definitely a Cracker Jack prize. She's one of twelve different dolls of various nations/countries, she represents Ireland. My great grandfather made these in the late 1950's for Cracker Jack. If your interested in seeing the others in the series you can find them at


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