Terra Cotta Pot Edging

For the past two years now I have placed an upside down terra cotta pot border along one side of my spruce tree and deck to contain a small perennial bed I have under a tree.

The perennials include sedums, astilbes, hostas, and lady's mantle.

This will be year three on the perennials so I am expecting a good show!

Think spring everyone!

***I have received several questions about the farm implement leaning on the tree. It is a vintage seeder.
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  1. Carlene, What a cute idea, now I'm going to look for more pots. I like your antique garden tiller? seed sower?...thingy.

  2. What is that roller-thingy? I want one! The rule for perennials-1st year they sleep, 2nd year they creep, 3rd year they leap! New follower!
    Blessings, Audrey

  3. That's a really cute, easy idea! Looks great!

  4. Very interesting and looks really cool. Love the vintage seeder. Mumzie

  5. Sweet idea using upside down clay pots.
    Joyce M

  6. Oh I love this idea! Tera Cotta looks so great in the outdoors....I'm going to try this...I have lots of pots! I'm your newest follower via Linky

  7. So thats what I can do with ALL my mom's pots!! Thanks for the idea!! Love your little bed

  8. What a fun way to create a border! It adds interest to the landscape! Thank you for joining TTF and have a wonderful week!


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