My New Junk Garden Shed

Late last summer, I purchased a  Princeton 10' x 10' shed kit from Home Depot.  My husband put the kit together with a few reinforcements to the floor and door to make it stronger.  
 The shed sat all winter unpainted and un-landscaped.
Here is the shed early this spring.

The shed was sitting on cement blocks and shims, and definitely needed paint and landscaping.

Have you ever removed sod to make a flower bed?  These are the tools we used.  A spade to remove sod, and an ax to remove large tree roots.

My youngest daughter helped her mom, with bad knees, on Mother's Day weekend with this project.  I showed her this You Tube Video on sod removal prior to our project.  We only removed sod on the one side and the front of the shed.

After removing the sod, my daughter put in plastic landscape edging from Menards.  Even though black landscape edging is boring and plain, it keeps out most grasses, and I use it often.  I used black landscape fabric under Nurserymen River Pebbles.  I had the four round stepping stones already from a different flower bed.

I purchased some heavy weathered wood look pavers at a local nursery.  We enlisted my husband's help to level the pavers.  They were very heavy.

My husband also painted the shed a gray color and added matching lattice to the bottom to cover the cement blocks.

I found this rustic table while junking this spring.  I sealed it with THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Wood Protector.  Now to put it all together!

Outdoor Junk Garden Shed Decor
I put the cement pavers on one side to anchor a little seating area with the two bistro chairs that match my stenciled deck table.

Outdoor Junk Garden Shed Decor
The galvanized flowers are made by Kalalou.  The window frame flower box has been on my Christmas mantel and above my potting bench in previous years.

Outdoor Junk Garden Shed Decor
The garden shutter sign is a project from last summer. 

Outdoor Junk Garden Shed Decor
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!  Thanks to my helpers too!
I will re-visit the shed during my annual garden tour after the flowers fill in.

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  1. Carlene - Your garden shed is adorable. All the work you've done really shines. I'm still working on mine. Don't know when I'll ever get all the outside decorated. Slowly but surely,

    Great job!!


  2. That looks fantastic!!!!!! I adore every piece of decor. At first I thought is was one of those new "she sheds"!!

  3. You took that shed from Plain Jane to Creative Carlene:)
    It looks wonderful . . . so cheerful. Love that garden sign!
    Connie :)

  4. I love your shed and it looks terrific. Love all the decor on it, you really did an amazing job!

    Your garden sign is great. thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us.


  5. I love how your shed turned out, Carlene! The metal flowers and bistro set are fun!

  6. Love your junk shed! The flowers are just perfect year round decor. I would never thought a stock storage shed could be so cute. Food for thought.

  7. Oh how adorable!!!

  8. Your shed project looks amazing, lots of great ideas!

  9. Amazing, it looks wonderful and so inviting. I want to come sit there :)

  10. DARLING! The junk piece, the shed, the usefulness... and those flowers. Oh goodness. I have a feeling your Amazon stream will be a little busy... what a great find!

    Super beautiful, Carlene! Now I want a nice new, non mouldy shed!

  11. It looks like you're in business! What a nice shed beautification project.

  12. That's just too cute! I could hardly read fast enough to get to the end reveal.....I knew that shed would be amazing after you put your clever and creative touches on it!
    The perfect Carlene project!



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