From Spring Junk Yard to Summer Junk Garden

Spring comes late to northern Minnesota.  Our snow was gone early this season, but the temps had been cold until the end of last week when we finally got a taste of the 70's.  

My husband and I raked our lawn on Saturday, and I dug in my flower beds a bit, and as usual, I was mortified.   My junk yard looks so awful before the green grass, summer foliage and blooming annuals and perennials fill in around my junk, and the transformation from junk yard to junk garden occurs.

Here are some examples:
Today - Junk Yard

Last Summer Junk Garden!

Junk Yard

To Junk Garden.

More Junk Yard

To Junk Garden.

Now you must see what I mean.  Very junky!

Junk everywhere.

But no green and no pops of color.

For the most part, my junk gardens are very well received, but every once in a while, I get a comment that their neighbors wouldn't approve or the homeowner's association wouldn't approve. My neighbors enjoy my gardens but I worry about passersby, that may not know, what is about to take place here at the end of May.

My "go to" container gardens, galvanized pails, laundry tubs and scrub buckets.  They spend the winter on my deck.

This season's junk gardens will have a new double-decker scrub bucket!  This was my first new junk garden item for 2016.  I can't wait to test drive this baby!!!!!  It's even got a stick shift. LOL.

I hope you enjoyed my junk yard, er I mean junk garden!  

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  1. Your junk yard is exactly what I'd love to see next door...or in my own yard. LOVE it all!

  2. Thanks for sharing your before and after photos! Your garden is beautiful.

  3. I had those same feelings as I drove by my gardens, and my 'across the road,in the ditch' - Garbage Garden. They looked so forlorn! The Garbage Garden exists across the road in the ditch - because as I divide bulbs or have extra plants, I can't throw anything in the compost pile that just might provide a flower. Into the Garbage Garden it goes. Thanks for sharing the same feelings. :)

  4. Love everything! Do you replace your soil each season in your containers?

  5. I always dread the way my yard and gardens look during the winter, as much as I love my junk it just doesn't look the same without the flowers.
    I love your new bucket wow envy creeping up here, haha. I can't wait to see how you plant it up.

  6. I do enjoy your junk gardens. So pretty when in full bloom.

  7. Flowers make everything beautiful!

  8. It will be back to your beautiful blooms soon. This warmer weather makes it harder to wait.

  9. Stick shift! You are too funny. Love your gardens.

  10. Now I don't feel quite so bad... was having second thoughts about all the "junk" in my yard! My husband says it's starting to look like "Sanford & Sons"... hurry up warm weather & rain showers!

  11. This time of year, everything looks forlorn and sad. I just saw some pics of my yard from mid-summer last year and was surprised how nice it looked! I love your gardens; very organized and yet totally random. I'd be honored to live next to you.


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