DIY Botanical Dollar Tree Reverse Canvas Decor Transfer Wall Art

January 23, 2024

Photo of Dollar Tree art canvases.
I purchased two 6" x 8" and one 8" x 10" art canvases at our local Dollar Tree.

I used them to create easy botanical wall art!

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Photo of art canvas being cut off the frame.
First I used a razorblade cutter to cut the canvas off of the wooden frame. I then pulled out the staples. (If you can't get them out, it won't matter). 

Photo of disassembled art canvas.
I lightly stained the frames with Weathered Wood Accelerator. I have used this product many times before and love it! I apply it with a small foam brush. 

Then I cut the canvas along the fold lines with a scissors.

Photo of glue on a plain frame.
Next I applied Aleene's Tacky Glue to the back side of the frame.

Photo of a cut canvas being glued to a canvas frame.
I glued the canvas on the frame, making sure that the white side was up. (The white side will be the back!)

The white side has been primed or base coated for art projects. I wanted the natural, uncoated canvas side as the background of my project.
Photo of a botanical decor transfer.
I purchased Redesign with Prima Botanical Snippets transfers on Etsy a while ago.  It is a middy size transfer and perfect for these frames.

Photo of botanical snippets on reverse Dollar Tree canvases.
I chose three snippets and cut them out of the transfer sheet.

Photo of applying a decor transfer to an art canvas.
I centered the snippet on the canvas, removed the white paper backing, and rubbed it down with the rectangular stick enclosed with the transfer packet.  

When the transfer was stuck down, I slowly and gently pulled up the clear plastic top sheet to see if any areas needed additional rubbing.  Once the clear top sheet is removed, it would be much more difficult to line it up and rub it down.

Photo of reverse art canvas botanical framed wall art.
Canvas one is completed.

Photo of DIY framed reverse canvas botanical wall art.
I repeated the procedure on the other two snippet canvases, and added sawtooth hangers to the top, back of the frames. 

Photo of DIY framed reverse canvas botanical wall art.
I love plants inside and out!

Photo of DIY framed reverse canvas botanical wall art.
These are faux plants but I have plenty of real plants in the house. Most are much bigger than these.

Photo of DIY framed reverse canvas botanical wall art.
I still have several botanical snippets left for yet another project, even though I have used them now on two projects.

Photo of DIY framed reverse canvas botanical wall art.

Photo of upcycled jar and bottle propagation station.
Several of my snippets were used in my Propagation Station With Bottles, Jars & Decor Transfers upcycle.

Photo of an upcycled boho botanical coffeepot planter.
Another decor transfer was used in this Botanical Boho Coffeepot Planter,

Photo of a botanical boho thrift shop box makeover.
And also on this Boho Botanical Box Makeover.

Photo of an upcycled wooden box with botanical boho style.
It looks great open or closed.

Photo of upcycled thrift store crock with botanical snippets.
Thrift store apple decor to Botanical upcycled ceramic crock.

Photo of reverse canvas stenciled herb wall art.
I used Dollar Tree canvases in this Stenciled Herb Reverse Canvas Wall Art a few years ago.

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  1. As always, very pretty. - Briana from Texas

  2. What a creative way to use up the canvas and the frames into something entirely different!


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