Musical Washboard Christmas Decoration

November 08, 2023
Photo of a washboard.
I found this washboard recently at the Minnetonka Goodwill.  I have never seen an "Authentic Musical Washboard" in all of my previous washboard finds.

Apparently, it's not vintage.  Columbus Washboard Company still manufactures this washboard.  

See how I transformed the washboard into fun Christmas decor.  Also, it's Thrift Store Decor Team's November party, so scroll on down to more projects below.

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Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
I always craft for Christmas during Minnesota's deer hunting season, even though I don't decorate until after Thanksgiving.

I purchased this small wreath/candle ring in 2021 when I attended Bachman's Inspirational Christmas Tour.

Jingle Bells is a page from an old school songbook.

Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
I traced the bottom of a small vintage coffee can onto cardboard and cut out the circle.

It was about the same size as the wreath ring.

Photo of Jingle Bells music being glued onto cardboard with Mod Podge.
I used Mod Podge in matte finish to attach the music to the cardboard.

Photo of Jingle Bells music Mod Podged to cardboard.
I do regret that I used a piece of cardboard with a couple of creases!

I didn't know they would be as noticeable.

Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
 I then hot glued the back of the wreath ring to the sheet music/cardboard.

Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
A ceramic magnet disc was hot glued to the bottom of the cardboard.

Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
I had some metal jingle bells from previous Christmases.  I had chalk painted them.

I tied jute twine on the bells and attached them to the back of the washboard with magnetic clips.

Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
I think it's adorable.

Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
I love washboards!

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Photo of a washboard being decorated for Christmas.
I can remove all of the decorations on the washboard after Christmas!

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  1. This turned out so cute! I love the sheet music that you used, great recycle!

  2. Love the Jingle Bell sheet music in the wreath - so pretty!

  3. Gorgeous, Carlene! That washboard is so wonderfully themed for the season!

  4. Such a cute idea for featuring different wreaths for the season!!!


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