Front Foundation and Patio Plants and Junk 2023

June 05, 2023

Photo of a laundry tub of coleus & creeping Jenny.
Laundry tubs are just the best for planters, especially when they have a base to get them up off the ground for vertical interest.  

This year the tub is planted with three Kong Coleus plants and two Golden Creeping Jenny.  These plants continue with my theme from the large Mother's Day planter from my son and family, with coleus and lime green.

Photo of a hanging basket with Calliope geraniums, coleus, verbena and ivy.
This is the beautiful Mother's Day basket hanging on a homemade clothes rack.  (I didn't make it. I found it at an antique/consignment shop).  It works great for hanging plants.

Photo of a bucket of Calliope Geraniums and a lime colored Coleus.
On top of the zinc covered patio table, repurposed as a potting bench, is a bucket planter with two Calliope Geraniums in Magenta, along with a Flamethrower Coleus Limelight.

The magenta color didn't exactly match the Mother's Day plant but they can't all be the same!

Photo of a barn door planter & verbenas.

Trailing verbena grow about the best in the shallow planter that dries out quickly.

Photo of a bucket of Calliope Geraniums and a lime colored Coleus.
In this large stenciled bucket, I used two Calliope geraniums in Medium Deep Rose, and the Flamethrower Coleus Limelight.  

The deep rose is probably the same color blossom as in the Mother's Day basket.

Photo of a hanging basket of Picasso Petunias.
I also did not use buckets for the eave hanging baskets. (I usually make my own hanging buckets with 4" potted annuals). I purchased two matching Supertunia Picasso in Purple fiber baskets.

The colors of the Supertunia matched the Mother's Day basket, and the fiber basket was the same.

Photo of the front side patio planters and junk decor.
With the three beautiful baskets, this front patio area looked great from the start.

Photo of Swingtime fuchsia in a pedestal laundry tub.
The laundry tub on an iron table pedestal planter moved to the front of the house.  

I plunked it right in the middle of perennial Variegated Solomon's Seal & Hostas.  A large basket with a Swingtime Trailing Fuchsia was removed from the plastic basket and planted in the dirt.

Photo of a Swingtime Fuchsia in a bed of Solomon's Seal.

Photo of a laundry tub of upright fuchsias.
In this laundry tub under the bay window, I have planted four Dollar Princess Upright Fuchsias from 4" pots.

Photo of an oak barrel of begonias, creeping Jenny, and a Kimberley fern.
At the other front corner of the house is an old oak barrel planted with two Red Dragon Wing Begonias, more Golden Creeping Jenny, and in the bucket, a Kimberley Queen Fern.

This is a new flower pot combination for me! We will see how it looks next month!

Photo of coleus in coffee pots on a coffee themed ladder.
And finally just around the corner in the Spireas plants is the Organic Coffee ladder with lime colored coleus Wasabi, and an unmarked coleus with some purple/burgundy in it. I just had to do something besides impatiens again here in the shade.

More 2023 plantings to come!  Thanks for visiting.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! You truly have a green thumb!! - Briana from Texas


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