Backyard Junk Garden Odds & Ends Vignette 2022 and Previous Years

July 26, 2022


Photo of junk gathered for a garden vignette.
One of the very last places I plant and decorate in the yard is in the back. Very few people see this spot. The junk here didn't make the cut to be included in the front or side yard by the deck.  

I started arranging this stuff along with an inexpensive double impatiens basket, a six pack of single violet impatiens and a calliope medium violet geranium.  The stuff included a soda crate, a galvanized bucket, a peeling wooden toolbox, a minnow bucket insert, a screen door, a wooden flower, a rusty shovel.

Photo of a junk garden vignette at planting time.
In late May, at planting time, I turned the screen door sideways as a vignette backdrop, and hung the wooden flower in the middle of door.

My daughter, helping me over Memorial Weekend, planted the double impatiens in the galvanized bucket on the orange soda crate, single impatiens six pack in the toolbox, and the calliope geramium in the minnow bucket insert.

Photo of a junk garden vignette in July.
Here in July the plants have filled in and the vignette looks great!

Photo of a junk garden vignette in July.
I added my fern stenciled shovel to the vignette in place of the pitchfork in the first photo.

Photo of a junk garden vignette in July.

Below are photos of previous year's vignettes:
Photo of a junk garden vignette.
This is one of my all-timefavorites!  I loved the Perfection stove until two of the legs rusted off! The backdrop was futon part.

Photo of a junk garden vignette.
Another screen door and old gears purchased with my birthday money!

Photo of a junk garden vignette.
This was the year of the bark shaving horse vignette! It was an unusual find.

Photo of a junk garden vignette.
This was my boho inspired junky vignette with stenciled coffeepot planters.

Photo of a junk garden vignette.
And this was last year with my high powered insulator planter and sawhorse.

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  1. Love them all, Carlene. Can't wait to see what you post next.

  2. Carlene, cannot decide which one I love the most. i guess all. Please tell how you made the big flower on the screen door. I have the screen door and was thinking something similar so I guess great minds think alike.Your ideas always get my creative side going. I just wish we were neighbors or buds or both.Thanks again.


    1. Thanks Cheryl! I did not make the flower. I bought it locally.


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