Current & Past Junk Garden Plants & Decor Under A Spruce Tree

June 17, 2022

Photo of begonias & impatiens in a junk garden under a tree.
Here is 2022's plantings under the spruce tree, next to the deck.  I kept the wrought iron peacock settee here with the metal rectangular planter that I painted and stenciled several years ago.  

Read on for more on the current year and photos from this area in previous years.

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Photo of begonias & impatiens in a junk garden under a tree.
I filled the "Hello" planter with dragon wing red begonias.  They do well in this spot.  Two chamber pots each have one Fiesta Salsa Red Double Impatiens in them.

The galvanized flower stakes were from Kalalou Company but have been discontinued.

Photo of coleus planted in a metal planter on an iron peacock settee.
In a prior year, I grew coleus in this spot. They did well here too in the dappled shade.

Photo of Reiger begonias planted in a metal planter on an iron Peacock settee.
In another prior year, Rieger Begonias were beautiful here but fell prey to deer more than once.

Photo of begonias, coleus & impatiens in a junk garden under a tree.
Another season with coleus and dragon wing begonias, with a fuchsia in the background.

Photo of fuchsias and impatiens in a junk garden under a tree.
This year's photo was before I had found the rectangular metal planter Hello planter.   A gorgeous fuchsia sits in on the Peacock settee in a bucket planter. Impatiens in a bucket at the left.

Photo of a garden bike leaning against a tree in a junk garden.
And, this season, was before I found the wrought iron peacock settee. 

Here, I had my junk garden bike propped against the tree with fuchsias in a pot in the basket.

Photo of a junk garden bike planted with fuchsias.
Front view of the bike.

Photo of a rusty metal fence under a tree in a junk garden.
Another fun find were these rusty sections of fencing that I pushed into the dirt in front of the tree.

Photo of a rusty cultivator and milk can in a junk garden under a tree.
This season I had an old iron cultivator leaning against the spruce tree surrounded by a milk can and terra cotta pots of impatiens.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you are enjoying the flowers!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Love it all, Carlene! I need some of those old galvanized buckets, Do you plant directly in them or put another pot inside? If you plant in the buckets do you drill holes in the bottom for drainage? I have an old coal skuttel (sp?) that I used to put a planted pot inside but everything got water-logged when it rained. This year I was going to drill holes in the bottom but when I came to plant in it the bottom had rusted and mostly fallen out! Drainage problem solved! I set a pot of flowers in it and it works just fine now. Ha, ha!

    1. All the buckets have drainage holes drilled into them. I don't buy very many pre-planted hanging baskets. I will for fuchsias. I sometimes just set the plastic basket in the bucket after removing the hook. Thanks so much Naomi!


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