Recent Thrift Shop Finds For Upcycling/Repurposing Projects

April 19, 2022

Photo of a vintage wooden end table.
Today, I'm sharing some recent thrift shop finds that I will be repurposing/and or upcycling in the near future.

This vintage table was from a thrift shop in the Twin Cities.  I love it's vintage goodness.  It needs a good cleaning before painting, maybe a primer as well.

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Photo of a homemade toy chest or blanket box.
This Goodwill find looks to to be a homemade toy chest or blanket box. 

It has a high gloss shine so it will likely need Slick Stick or sanding before painting.

Photo of a vintage carved top table.
I brought this table home from my mother's place. It was one of her finds that definitely needs some repairs before painting!

It has an interesting carved top.

Photo of an unfinished hinged box with bottom drawer.
This unfinished hinged wooden box with bottom drawer was also a homemade Goodwill item.

I think it has a lot of possibilities.

Photo of an oak desk tray.
This oak desk tray was also a Goodwill find.  I like giving these trays a makeover.

Photo of a grubby breadbox.
This thrift store, grubby breadbox needs a really good cleaning before it gets a paint job.

Photo of a Coca Cola wooden box with checkerboard top.
This Coca-Cola box is not an antique so I have no qualms about painting it. I found it at our local thrift shop.

Photo of a vintage wooden hinged box.
And another Goodwill hinged wooden box!  I love these things for storage, display and holidays too.

Photo of two galvanized and one wooden bucket from the thrift shop.
These three buckets are from Goodwill.  The first two are heavy duty, but medium sized galvanized buckets, and the last one is wooden.  Galvanized buckets are my favorite garden containers!

Photo of a heavy wooden rectangular bowl from the thrift shop.
This Goodwill rectangular wooden bowl is super heavy. I might try bleaching the wood on this one.  I have seen it done on several blogs.

Photo of a Maid Rite vintage washboard.
This vintage brass Maid Rite washboard was a super find at $9.99 at Goodwill. It's in excellent condition. I won't upcycle it, just display it.

Photo of a metal yellow dump truck toy.
This small metal dump truck, from Goodwill's toy aisle, will become junk garden decor next month!

Photo of a cutesy country wooden wagon from the 1980-90's.
I used to be "big" into Country Blue (wedgewood blue), and cutesy country. I think this wagon will be fun repurposed to hold planters instead of bears and dolls!

Photo of a wooden desktop bookcase.
I found this desktop bookcase at the Bemidji Goodwill.  I am still thinking about turning it into something besides a book shelf.

Photo of a pedestal candleholder and a large wooden clothespin.
I like large pedestal candleholders for projects, and I thought I might find a good use for this large clothespin too!  Both from Goodwill.

Photo of a wooden three ring binder.
This wooden three ring Christmas binder caught my interest.

Photo of a wooden three ring binder.
Not sure what I'll put in it yet.  Also from Goodwill.

Photo of a mini wooden dresser and a wooden stool.
Both the mini wooden dresser and the gold wooden stool are from thrift shops. 

Both will be great for upcycling projects.

Photo of a top of desk computer monitor holder drawer.
This last Goodwill item is a drawer. I think it's original purpose was to hold a computer monitor on a desktop, and a bit of storage.

I think I can give it a new look and purpose!

Spring just will not arrive in northern Minnesota! I can't wait to get outside in the flower gardens.

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  1. I love a good thrifting trip! You found some fabulous items. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm curious about the wooden box pictured after the Coca Cola box and before the buckets. What does it look like inside? It reminds me of my mother's sewing box from the 30's or 40's. Thanks for sharing your haul :)


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